My new boyfriend is quite into the backdoor action. I’ve tried it before, but it’s not my favorite activity. He asked me why I wasn’t gung ho for anal sex and I said it wasn’t the most comfortable activity. He said he could make me feel differently if I allowed myself to be open to it. I giggled when he said be “be open”. He said I was being childish and he was going to show me just how pleasurable anal play and fucking could be. I said sure, fine, lets get it over with.


He laughed and said I’d be a convert before the night was over. We had a nice, relaxing bubble bath together and got extra clean down there, and then once dried off went to t e bedroom and he had me lie back, nude on the soft, silky satin sheets. He was going to go down on me, which I adored and his tongue always put me in a better mood after he got working on my pussy lips and clit with that tongue of his. I felt him lick, and suck and flick and tease. Then his tongue went…lower. I flinched at the unexpected lick on my anal area.

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He looked up and said to relax and enjoy it. I wasn’t sure about this, but I just relaxed and let him do his work. As I let my mind wander and just focused on his sensations, I was starting to enjoy the feeling of him licking and tonguing my anal area. He made me cum several times from licking it as he also fingered my pussy and clit. I was soaking wet and in a high state of arousal.

He then told me to get on all fours, resting on my elbows, ass up, and relax as much as I possibly could and he dipped his cock head into my soaking wet pussy juices dragging his throbbing cock up through my wet folds and got it all wet, then he started to nuzzle it inside of my ass. I felt it stretching and then I felt the head go in. It was much slower and gentle than the other couple of times I’d tried anal before with other partners.

He didn’t force it, didn’t rush it, he just slowly slid in and I relaxed my muscles as best I could and then he started to move back and forth. This was by far the best experience with anal sex I’d had by far and it wasn’t painful, there was just a feeling of fullness that seemed foreign in that location, but I was quickly getting used to it. I started to rub my clit as he fucked me and was soon on my way to a second orgasm. He was glad I’d been open to trying it and asked if he’d been gentle enough and I said yes, it was something I could get into more often and I think I will be willing to try anal again more often after this experience.

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