I work as a housekeeper on the weekends for extra money. The house I take care of is FUCKING GORGEOUS! It’s always empty when I’m there. The family goes to their weekend home and I have the house to myself. Of course I do all of sorts of naughty shit when their not there. The wife is around the same age as me so I like to raid her closets and try on all of her expensive shit. I even take bubble baths in the master bathroom. Taking pictures and posting them on my Twitter and shit! LOL!

So last weekend I found the wifey’s vibrating dildo, which was a surprise because her husband is fucking hot so why the fuck would she need a dildo? Before I knew it I was in the middle of their king sized bed tickling my clit with the vibrator. Almost 3 minutes into what was going to be the best fucking orgasm I had had in a while I heard the husbands voice, “Having fun?” Embarrassed, I snapped my legs closed and tried to get up quickly.

“No. Please. I was enjoying the view.” He pulled his cock out of his pants. I knew exactly what he wanted from me. He walked over to the bed where I was waiting with my mouth open. His pre-cum had already started to drip from his tip. I licked the drops that fell on my tongue. Suckling the tip of his cock was the best. I was driving him crazy with every lick and tease. He moaned and begged to have my sweet pussy stretched over his throbbing dick. I turned around, welcoming his penis to enter my cum dripping hole.

He pumped me full and hard. I was so horny I came all over his dick and balls. They were drenched  with my juices. His sweat dripped on my body as my toes pointed and I held on to him. Every pump of his cock brought me closer and closer to ecstasy. I begged for his cum to fill pussy. “But what if I get you pregnant?”, he said. I told him I didn’t care. I needed his seed deep inside of me. With a growl and moan he came inside of me. At the same time he came I heard a woman’s voice moaning as if she was cumming too…and it wasn’t me! I looked across the room at the sitting table and saw an I-PAD. The wife was on the I-PAD squirting and fucking herself with a black dildo. She had been watching the entire time on the cam!!!!!

After she came and the husband finished pumping his cum in my pussy they both started to laugh. She sucked her dildo and said, “Nice job honey. Thanks for the show.” He smiled and said, “Anything for you baby.” They had been watching me the entire time on the house security system. They said they hired me from the very beginning because they thought I was so fucking hot and they wanted to take turns fucking me. “Oh don’t worry, we always fuck the help.” I was shocked and turned on. After the husband put his clothes on he paid me and told me to take the day off. “See you next weekend Jen.”



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