Alpha boyfriend had a few too many

Alpha boyfriend is everything you’re not; dominant, built and definitely packing a punch where it matters most.  I’m not mad.  You’d think I’d be, but no.  It actually cracks me up.  It’s been so long since we’ve spent time together, bro.  When you needed a place to crash, I was happy to let you stay with us.  Clearly, you still needed some lessons on being a man’s man, though.  Honestly, how did you turn out this way?  So soft, puny, and, if memory serves, still shorter than average below the waist.  You should have been born a girl.  You’d be much better at it.  No wonder it happened.

Thursday Night is Guy’s Night Out

My alpha boyfriend tried to help you out by inviting you to the bar to get you laid.  When you declined twice, he automatically assumed you were a little faggot.  Was he wrong?  Were you just shy around girls or simply uninterested?  Anyways, that wasn’t going to stop him from having fun.  When he got home, though, he could barely tell his right foot from his left, let alone which door was which.  But there was one thing he did know; his cock was going to fuck something.  I like when my boyfriend gets this way.  Instead of catching a bad case of whiskey dick, his cock instead turns into a fucking predator on the prowl.

You were closer

It was such an easy mistake to make.  The guest bedroom is right next to ours.  Were you a real man, things would have ended without even starting the minute his hands landed on a hardened body.  Instead, they touched down on plump ass cheeks and a whimpy little moan escaped.  Gah, you even wake up like a little bitch.

“Who’s ready for the beast?” he asked.

Of course, as you found out, there was no making him wait for an answer.  The next thing you felt was the tip of his monster cock pressing against your pretty, soft lips.  Is it your automatic inclination to suck on anything that goes in your mouth?  Are you going to lie and try and push some bullshit on me?  I saw you.  I mean, I know he’s impressive but to turn you into that much of a little slut so quickly?  Even I got dinner first.

He wanted something else though

As much as my boyfriend loved oral, he was on a mission.  Your throat probably made for a nice little cock sleeve, but he was after some real pussy.  I think reality hit you right when he spread your legs to fuck yours.  You were seriously giving it your all when you attempted to get him off of you?  So fucking weak.  You only triggered my boyfriend’s ‘virgin pussy ahead’ caveman instinct.  You were so gonna get it.

He was NOT gentle.

I’m glad you sucked his dick so good to lube up that cock because that untouched, tight, faggot ass-cunt between your legs was not spared from his might.  And your cock is so small, he didn’t even notice it.  He just fucked you like a bitch on your back while I watched from the doorway.  Honestly, I was trying not to laugh because I could tell that, even though it embarrassed you, you were enjoying every second of it.  Want more proof that I know?  Your tiny little cocklette shot all over your own stomach before my boyfriend got his massive nut off in your meat milker.

To this day, my boyfriend has no idea…

…that we carried him back to my room after he collapsed on top of you.  However, to this day, you still haven’t bothered toning up.  In fact, I’d say your body is even more feminine.  You’d better be careful.  Round two might be in your future if you keep shaking your hips around my alpha boyfriend.  He was plenty of single friends who have no qualms about fucking a beta bitch like yourself.  Pfff, what am I saying?  You’d probably enjoy that, too.

Did you like that one, you little faggot?  I know you did.  Call my phone sex line and confess that you wanna be treated like a little bitch.