Spankable ass in wall catches my attention on my way home from work.

Spankable ass ahead: Do whatever you’d like.  The sign said as I was walking home after my night shift.  I thought at first it was a joke and was too curious not to at least have a peek.  Lo and behold, at the end of the alleyway, there was indeed a very spankable ass and legs sticking out of a wall.  It was a guy with “Only punishment will break the spell” written on the round tips of his butt.

Obviously, I wasn’t the first one to get to him, either.

As I drew closer, I made out all manner of inappropriate treatment. Cum stains — some fresh, some old — all over his backside and a gaping asshole staring right back at me filled nearly to the brim with even more cum.  Everyone who found him seemingly did everything BUT spank his plump, juicy, spankable ass by the looks of it.  I would have felt sorry for him were it not for the jizz spatters against the wall right where his cock was.

“Looks like whoever tore you a new asshole wasn’t the only one to enjoy themselves,” I teased as I squeezed one of those pert, pale cheeks and watched some cum dribble out.  “It’s hardly a punishment if you end up liking it so much.”

I don’t know what I was starting to get so angry.

I had a tough day at work with demanding customers. Not to mention, my boss was playing hooky. In short, my patience hit its limit.  My boss wasn’t around to support me. Why was he not at work?  And here this literal lazy ass was hanging around in an alley getting fucked all day.  This mysterious ass hadn’t be abused enough in my opinion.  It didn’t know what punishment was.  Not yet anyway.  There was an old, ping-pong paddle near a dumpster that would do the trick.  I inspected its sturdiness and proceeded to walk toward the ass.  The owner must have sensed me because the ass started wiggling around nervously.

“I’ll show you a punishment,” I growl.

I threw back my arm and let his ass have it with a loud “WHAP!”  Obviously, it couldn’t scream, but I didn’t need it to in order to see that what I did hurt.  So I did it again, and again, and again.  Whap, whap, whap!  Over and over again!  His ass went from white to pink very quickly and only grew more crimson as I let my frustrations pour out with every spank.

“You’re a bad boy, huh?  A naughty faggot piece of meat!  You like cumming while you’re getting raped by dirty hobos and big, black cock?!”

I felt almost insulted when, even in the midst of my punishment, that cock dangling in between his legs dared to get hard again.  Pissed, I started to spank his balls at the same time, too!  I was possessed and must have been at it for forever.  However, I eventually calmed down having gotten it all out of my system.  With one last smack for good measure, a jet of hot cum gave the lower half of the wall a new, nasty coat.

I sighed and stuck the handle of my paddle in his asshole.

To be honest, I felt so much better.  I was whole again!  Dealing with so much shit that day, it was nice to have something to take it all out on.  The thing I wailed on was just a piece of fuck meat.  Best therapy ever! Even though such a thing was impossible, I wasn’t about to wrack my mind over it.

I could have hung around a little longer. I would have seen the words disappear from across the mystery ass and behold who was actually in the wall. Its body fell to the ground as I began my walk home. A smile spread over my face because I knew he fell into a pool of old stick cum.

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