I Wish for an Alluring Sugar Mommy!

Did you ever wish upon a star and ask for an alluring sugar mommy to fall from the heavens above?  So many of us have wished for different things in our lives during the most desperate time in our lives.  These desires chiefly entered my mind as small little wishes that for the most part I knew would never come to fruition.  However, for one couple both of them got what they wanted.  You could say they rubbed each other in the right way in the compatibility department.

On a recent visit to my parents’ house, a long time family friend stopped by.  It had been so long since I had seen Cindy.  It was great to see her again after a rather prolonged absence.  Cindy was married to a much older very affluent older gentleman.  He took care of most of her needs.  As a result, she wanted for nothing.

We sat down on the couch to catch up.  I was not prepared for what she told me next.  Cindy had met a much younger guy.  To be honest, I never would’ve taken Cindy for a naughty cheating wife.  On the outside, she always seemed to have everything put together.  Her marriage seemed to be the picture of lush perfection.  So what happened in her life that made Cindy run to the arms of a younger person?

The first reason usually goes back to sex!

Sure, for the most part, we can be somewhat content with our married lives.  Who wouldn’t want a hottie like Cindy?  She still had that “it” factor!  Cindy’s mind was razor sharp, her body firm and toned.  Her long strawberry blonde hair and bedroom hazel eyes always drew men in like a beautiful siren of the sea.  At first, Cindy enjoyed early married life and being happy with a man who took care of her.  The sex was loving and decent with him.  She gave birth to a son and a daughter with her husband Garrett.

As time passed, it seemed that after the birth of their two children, he lost interest.  It’s as if he had what he had wanted.   Cindy guiltily admitted that she had what she wanted a man to take care of her.  Their marriage had become one of convenience and each of their individual inner selfish desires.  Moreover, he started working very long hours and coming home very late.  Cindy lay awake and wondered what her husband could be doing at odd hours.  Under that pretty face hid a very lonely woman.

So then along came Alexander!

Cindy was out for lunch one day and she met a waiter at a very upscale restaurant.  His name was Alexander and he was very dreamy.  Alexander had a very young fresh face shaven, curly black hair, and sapphire blue eyes that seemed to look into her soul.  Well, the two started seeing one another in secret.   Alexander had a very jealous clingy girlfriend who whined all the time.  Honestly, Alexander was not happy with her, but he didn’t want to be alone.

Cindy doted on her new boy toy something fierce.  She bought him new clothes, a car, paid for his school tuition, and pretty much anything he wanted.  In my heart, I believe Cindy got him a new phone to keep tabs on him.  The phone was also a way to have private conversations without their partners knowing.  Incidentally, they both knew they were together for convenience.  Cindy wanted a boy toy and Alexander liked having an alluring sugar mommy to take care of him.

Cindy’s wish had come true as she had finally found her boy toy!

However, it wasn’t all bad.  The first time they had sex was not a loving session.  On the contrary, Cindy confessed to me that she was rather dominant in the bedroom and the two explored things Garrett would never explore.  One night Cindy tied her lover to the bed.  For the whole night, she rubbed, squeezed, milked, and edged him till he begged.  Next, Cindy fucked him hard with her long strap-on till he whimpered for release.  There was plenty of time to fuck him like a lover.  All the doors seemed to open for her.

The sky was the limit.  So did you ever wish for something different in your life like an alluring sugar mommy?  I’d love to hear from you.

Let’s rub out a fantasy together.  All of your wishes could come true!  Finally, your search for the best phone sex ends here!


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