What are fantasy sex stories without a charming Prince and his magical tongue?  Given that, let me introduce you to, Bruce, my boyfriend, and how I came to have the tongue job of a LIFETIME!  Moreover, I’ll never look back since having him in my life!  But, Bruce was a man of secrets and I had no CLUE how hot it was about to get.

You know, they say that a secret shared between two is only safe when one is dead…LOLOL.  Bruce had no worry about me telling about his sexy secret.  I mean, who would believe me after all?  First of all, Bruce was an alien.  No.  I don’t mean he’s like an alien; he actually is and alien.  Of course, he looks human.  He even acts human.  But, I assure you, he isn’t.  Well, not exactly, anyway.

By that I mean, he’s human in every aspect eXXXcept for his cock.  It has a mind (or, tongue) of its own.  There’s nothing that CUMpares to how it feels to get a good pussy licking.  So, when you can get licked at the same time as you’re fucked?  TOUCHDOWN!  To that end, Bruce’s special talent is that his cock is large and also has a secondary talent, so to speak. LOL.

You see, when Bruce fucks me, his cock pounds away just like it should; but, it also EATS me from within.  Yes, you read right.  It eats me…from within!  That tongue wiggles out of the tiny hole in his cock’s head and it LICKS my pussy from within!  For the purpose of making this easier on you, apparently, on his planet, they have double tongues, one in his mouth and the other, well, you know.

Fantasy sex stories are impossible to preDICKt!

And, his cleanup game is on point!  He just loves the cream-pie he creates.  Giggle.  So, in our freakier moments, we decided to do crazy things with that secondary tongue.  In order to get it to do EVERYTHING I need, I talked Bruce into getting it forked!  Yes, I SAID FORKED!  What better way than to get all my parts cared for at once?  He’s now able to twist that devilishly hot tongue of his wrapping around my insides and grazing my “G Spot”.  His other tongue roaming over my neck and tits.

Now, he has all of the bases covered and I can barely WALK without assistance after the pussy eating he gives me!  And, of course, I give as good as I get…without the forked tongue. But, MY tongue works beautifully fully intact.  I leave him weak and drained every time I suck him off and swallow every drop.  We’re talking about inviting others to join us.  I have to be honest… a tongue like Bruce’s just cries out to be shared!

If you think this story is hot, wait until you read about what came next… Yup! You’ll never guess, but he also has a serious Burp Fetish! OMG!  Are you looking for the Fantasy play of your LIFE?  Oh, Honey… I am Phone Sex Central! Try me, you’ll love me.