Funny how my boyfriend’s burp fetish only became known while he tried to keep up with the copious amount of squirt I put out.   So, now to the back-story.  I…am a HUGE SQUIRTER!  And when I say HUGE… I mean BRING ON THE BUCKETS!  EVERYTHING gets wet around me and it’s an ongoing thing as long as I’m being stimulated and he definitely stimulates me…BIG TIME!

However, one thing I hadn’t previously known about was this uncontrollable urge to let it all out.  First, he got me all hot and bothered, then he pinned me to the bed by throwing my thighs over his shoulders, and gripping my nipples so I barely had room to move.

His hot, wet tongue drove into my pussy like a jackhammer and before I had a chance to even think about it, his nose brushed my clitty until I gripped the edges of the bed sheets, arched my back, dug my heels into his back and let it fly!  I’ve always been a wet one with lady wetness coating my things and pussy without prompting.  But, now, I was insane with the cum and he never wanted it so much!

He not only drank, he slurped and gulped and…well, you get the point.  I didn’t even try to stop myself as I saw it flood his throat until…burrrrrrrp!  Yup.  He let out a long one that must have last for 15 seconds and just made me wetter.  The more I squirt, the more he burped.  It went on for what seemed like hours until he himself let go and did a squirt of his own all over my pretty little toes.

A Burp Fetish is just one of my thrills!

What? Fetish Goddesses need love too! Giggle.  And if you need MORE…Check out the “Phone Sex Lyrics” in my Kingdom Ad next week!


burp fetish