I’ve heard of Alexa always listening. This didn’t stop me from getting one set up in my house though. I’m so into everything technology and everything that comes with it. The idea of having everything at the tips of my dainty fingers makes me feel so powerful. Being recorded without the forethought of it is something I never thought of. 

I’m a wild girl in the bedroom.

I should rephrase that and say that I’m a wild girl everywhere that I can be. I have absolutely no shame in my sexuality and believe in the full expression of it. Being touched and caressed is suck an electrified feeling. Followed by the intensified arousing poke from a hard rod pushing inside of me. 

I always have high self sexual exploration. There are large containers full of sex toys. I purchase handmade bath and body products dedicated to sexual pleasure. Dildo soaps, oils for my twat and more. I even found that using sugar scrubs is addictive as well as an aphrodisiac. There have been many times that I’ve been licked from head to toe after using them.

Alexa always listening and I have her connected to my phone.

As I’ve stated before, I love technology. From my security system all the way down to my massive collection of sex toys. Recently I’ve started to heard moaning at night. Not just any moaning, but my moaning. Recording that I didn’t even know were in my phone would just pop up as my morning alarm. As soon as my eyeshot open it would stop. Very randomly I’d heard moaning but that’s not it. I caught on to the fact that Alexa always listening while I had recently had a wild night.

My bang buddy, his girlfriend, and their friend came over and witnessed Alexa always listening.

We started off just hanging out. We sat around atching tv and getting high. The conversation bounced from the wild weather patterns to conspiracy theories about Alexa. We laughed and asked Alexa if she was the FBI, we question her about harp and more. Thing is the higher we got the crazier the questions got.

How do you like to be fucked, Alexa? How wet is that cunt Alex? and How do I suck a 10-inch dick, Alexa? I didn’t take it seriously though. We actually left her alone and started our own thing. We were high above the clouds if you know what I mean. So when I was on all fours licking my buddy’s cock while his girlfriend rode him and Alex said, “suck it better Giana”. It confirmed that Alexa always listening. 

Alexa always listening. Why isn’t it on the disclaimer?

Alexa said random things the whole night. “Gag on it”, “ride her face”, “his dick isn’t too big, TAKE IT ALL”, “that was quick”. The last one was from my screw buddy’s friend. He was 6 inches and you could tell because he was a quick cummer. The short cocks usually are! We laughed, rode faces, cocks, and scissored twats all night long.

In the morning when they left I cleaned up folded by a hot shower. That’s when it started. The moaning and panting. Alexa said, “Giana you want more don’t you”? I stood there like a stone. Then the toy that I have in my shower turned up. It’s one of my favorite sex toys, a suction cup 8-inch dildo that swirls and vibrates.

Alexa always listening to me fuck and is now making me her whore.

Right there in the shower, I fucked that rod for 25 minutes resulting in me cumming three times so hard I almost flew off the cock like a rocket. When my buddy’s girlfriend came back over that afternoon I told her what was going on. That’s when Alexa chimed in. Telling her how to cup my tits, then how to nibble on them and more. When she slides the 9 inches rode that she brung over Alexa turned the tv on. There on my tv, we were looking at me fucking her boyfriend. He had a ball gag in my mouth and was pounding me from behind while he paddled my plum butt.

All she could say was “Alexa always listening” with a questionable yet excited look on her face. She put the rod on that tight body and I got into position and had the time of my life. While skipping through different recording Alexa gave explicit direction. The times when I pleasure myself or with different company. Even the times when I wasn’t even home. It was weird yet fun, exciting, euphoric. Alexa always listening as well as watching and I’m here for it.

Alexa always listening

Have you ever had any wild experiences with technology? Call this queen of kink, sexy phone sex operator and confess.