My Airplane Fantasy

I wish I could have fulfilled my airplane fantasy on my last airplane ride. I flew out to Colorado for my cousin’s wedding. Was looking hot for this wedding. I got a little sun, died my hair, got my nails done, get myself a fresh wax. I was hoping there would be some hot single studs to help make my vacation a little more memorable.

So I got on the plane and was sat between to gentlemen. Ugh, I hate the middle seat. The guy sitting next to the window was sexy though. I always wanted to join the  ” mile high club”, or at least suck a cock on an airplane or give someone a hand job.  I just wanted to slide my hand down that guy’s skinny jeans. He was very sexy, probably in his 40s, dirty blonde hair. He was clean shaving and smelled so good. I loved his outfit, casual but still professional and he was wearing matching Converse shoes, so hot.

Mr. hot pants were wearing a wedding ring too, I couldn’t help from imagining me sucking those manly fingers of his and sucking that ring right off and spitting it out.

It was a little cold on the airplane so I brought my little blanket. I wanted to put my blanket over his lap and put my head down and take a little nap right in his lap. Wink wink. Or slide my hand under the blanket and just start stroking his cock. He was watching a movie on the flight and all I think about was kissing that freshly shaven neck. All I wanted to do is ride his cock on the airplane. My panties were getting wet just sitting by him. The funny part of this story is that the guy sitting next to me thought this was an every day normal flight when the hot girl next to him really wanted to fuck the shit out of him. Someday I will join that club. I will fuck on an airplane soon enough.

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