Adult Sex Stories – My Crazy Public Sex Vacation In Thailand

I wanted to write about more recent adult sex stories that I had while on vacation. My amazing sugar daddy took me on an amazing vacation to Thailand at the beginning of the summer. During our trip, we got into so much naughty fun. We created some of my most favorite adult sex stories to talk about when I’m having adult chat. It all began when we decided to take a boat ride out into the ocean. The boat had a huge platform on the front of it with chairs and pillows to lay out on. It was perfect for just the two of us to lay out together.

When I asked my sexy lover to rub suntan lotion on me, things went a little further than expected. At first, he was just applying it to my back and my chest. Then he starts to rub downward, rubbing it in sensually into my breasts and under my swimsuit bottoms. Sooner than later he was full on finger fucking me with his lotion covered hands. I have to admit the lotion made it much easier for him to really pound my hole. The Thai gentleman running the boat couldn’t help but get aroused watching us fool around right out in the open like that. And I loved every minute of it.

Next was our romantic dinner at the resort, and then things got naughty quick

We decided to finish the evening having dinner at the restaurant by the seaside. We sat at a table covered in a beautiful white table cloth. I, of course, had to have more of him after we had our aphrodisiac inspired appetizers. As he slurped his oysters, I got under the table and started slurping on his cock. I had his entire cock and balls in my mouth when the waitress appeared asking if we’d like more champagne.

What happened next is I can only describe over the phone while having phonesex, maybe you will be the one to hear the ending of my sultry vacation? Call me tonight and find out

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