Adult Sex Stories: Sexy strangers get even closer

I met Tim a few weeks ago while walking my dog.  He was really sexy so I brought him home.  Since then, he’s been coming over regularly and the sex is just getting better.  He’s going to be a regular feature in my adult sex stories.

Tim came over yesterday and gave me a good fuck.  He walked in and I pulled him toward my bedroom.  I pulled his baseball cap off and kissed him.  He kissed me back and grabbed onto my ass, pulling me off the ground.  We fell on the bed, continuing to kiss.

He pulled my shirt off and started to suck on my nipples.  I put my head back and moaned as he slid his hand down into my panties and started to rub my clit.  His hard cock pressed against my thigh through his jeans, I unbuttoned his pants and started to stroke it.

I need that cock inside me!

I pulled down my pants and he climbed on top of me and shoved that big black cock inside my tight pussy.  He fucked me hard and made me cum on his dick after only a few hard strokes.  We moved into a new position and he continued to fuck me and I came again.  Next, he had me get on all fours and fucked me doggy-style.  Every new position I came and we switched again.  This guy knows how to handle his cock, that’s for sure.

Finally, he was ready to cum and he squirted his hot load into my soaking wet pussy.  I lay there, breathing hard and he laughed.

“Looks like someone is done for the night”

I grinned and said “I am.  Thanks for cumming over, though!”

As he walked out the door, I realized I still had not gotten his last name. Maybe next time!


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