Erotic literature is very dear to me because of the sensuality of it. ¬†Imagine sinking back into your favorite chair, dick in hand and all alone for a while. Then get your head (both of them would be nice. ūüėä) in the game. Not the “daily grind” game…the ONLY game that matters. ¬†The SEX GAME!

Life gets sketchy, and we don’t seem to relish the good old days when we could IMAGINE our way to climax. ¬†I invite you to CUM back. Lose all those responsibilities that go with your life and let me take you on the adventure (SERIES, cuz no one can have just one) of a lifetime!

Writing about what I see when I engage with you, is but ONE of my forms of eXXXpression. ¬†So, if you haven’t been reading my blogs, you’re in for a treat! ¬†I’ll take you as far out as SPACE, and as INWARD as your childhood. ¬†I’m an easy rider, so don’t be shy with me. ¬†I can coax things out of you, you never even KNEW you craved. ¬†But, you know what they say, ‘You can’t hypnotize a man to do what he’s not CAPABLE of doing anyway.’ LOL

Moreover, when you call I can’t SEE you, you’ve got nothing to fear. ¬†Hell, you could be a wanted man…and you’ll be even more wanted, by me! ūüė䬆 I get off on your naughty, so don’t be shy with me. Let that FREAK FLAG FLY! ¬†I’ll find a way (and a voice to match) to make you SQUEAL WITH SQUIRT! And I’ll squirt with you!

For me, this is a way of life. ¬†I never run out of Lush Sex Stories to thrill you with. ¬†Moreover, I’ve got a few YEARS-WORTH of erotic literature blogs for you!

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Erotic Literature