Adult sex stories: I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille

My boyfriend is an actor, he recently asked me to join him on set during a commercial he was filming.  Now I have even more adult sex stories I can share.  I’ll share the one where we finally got caught first, though, it was pretty thrilling.

When I got to the set, the shoot was just about to wrap for the day.  I got to see how sexy my hot boyfriend was in a new body wash commercial.  When the director called “That’s a wrap!” Austin walked off the set and came over to kiss me.  He slid his tongue in my mouth and wrapped his arms around my waist.

Suddenly he grabbed my hand and pulled me up onto the commercial set and we looked out at the room surrounding us. It was completely empty already, just us and the cameras which were still trained on our very spot.

Austin led me to the couch and bent me over the arm.  I was wearing a short skirt, so he reached up and pulled my panties off.  He buried his face in my pussy, licking and sucking.  Just as I felt his cock touch my pussy lips, I heard “Well, well, well, what do we have here?”

Caught Red-Handed

Fuck. It was the director. We may have just cost Austin his job. He walked up to us, taking in the scene, looking at Austin’s big cock still nearly inside me and he pulled out his cock! He grabbed my hair and pulled my face to him, shoving his cock in my mouth.  Austin, realizing we weren’t in trouble, slammed his hard cock inside my waiting pussy.

They both decided that instead of cumming inside me, they were going to cum all over me. The director shot cum all over my face and hair.  Austin shot cum all over my ass and skirt, I think some even made it onto my back.

I was a mess as I walked off the lot with Austin, but I was invited back to every day the commercial was shooting!

I’m reminded of one of my favorite free sex stories when my handyman stopped by…

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