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Most of the adult sex stories, or at least the ones I’ve written before, are a bit taboo. I mean, it’s not my fault that I am a bit of a freak. A few nights ago my latest hookup came to hang out. We weren’t going to do anything, just probably play some video games or watch something. Of course, though, I couldn’t keep my hands off of him and we started kissing. But I didn’t need anything crazy to go along with my dose of dick.

He took off my shirt and started kissing down my stomach, he pulled off my leggings too. You all know I don’t wear any panties and that day was no different. He was being so gentle. So tugging or rough touching. He spread my legs a bit. Then just started licking my pussy. Nice and slow. Soon my little cunt was soaking wet. He kept going though. He pushed his fingers inside me and soon I was begging for him to be inside me. And I said it just like that. “Please, I want you to be inside me so bad!”.

It was simple. He just pulled out his cock out of his shorts and got on top of me. I felt the whole weight of his body pressing up against me as his dick slipped in me. He looked at me straight in the eyes. Kissing me softly as he pumped in and out of me. I was loving it. He never really sped up which was fine with me. It still felt fucking amazing because I came quickly. When he felt my pussy pulsating he just let go and filled me up good!

I guess a little vanilla was just what I needed.

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