Adriana Is The Best Girlfriend You’ll Ever Want!

I am a total freak. I can admit that. But sometimes it’s not all about role playing and kinks. Some night all you need is sweet, passionate, caring love making only the best girlfriend can give you. Believe me, I am your dream girl. I am the best girlfriend you’ll ever need. Give me one night and let me show you just how amazing GFE phone sex can be.

Lay back and relax, your girl has this. Close your eyes and let my voice tell you exactly what you need to hear. Feel my hands running down your inner thighs as we make you. I love kissing, it always gets me soaking wet and I know you are going to love tasting me. I’ll pull down your pants and pull your cock out. I want to give you a slow, sloppy blow job. Looking straight into your eyes as I do it. Taking your dick deep down till the back of my throat.

In your moans whisper to me you want to taste me. I’ll take my finger and push it inside me. I’ll come up and let you lick me. Lay me back and do it. Let me feel your tongue inside me. Taste my already soaked cunt. It craves you. You come up now, and I don’t hesitate to kiss you. Tasting my juices on your face. All I want is to have you inside me, I whisper to you.

You lay back and let me straddle you. I’ll push down on your cock till I am sitting flat on your lap. I grind on you while you are deep inside me. You come up and hold me. Suck on my hard nipples while I grind on you and cum on your cock. As you feel my pussy tighten you just can’t take it anymore and fill me up.

After cuddling, we sure will be ready to do it all over again.

Are You Ready?
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