Fantasy sex stories… Has an alien ever visited you?

Oh no, I fucked an actual extraterrestrial.  I had a true fantasy sex stories experience.  I’m not talking alt sex stories with an american immigant…  I don’t know how to even tell you about it.  It’s something I will never forget, even if the spaceship wants me to.

Okay so, I’m sitting in my bed.  I’m smoking a bowl, thinking about my day and how terrible it was.  I was fading in and out of sleep and then I feel myself drifting.  You know the feeling — in between kind of awake and passed the fuck out.  That’s when I saw it:

Blinding light, a floating feeling… I was being transported.

I found myself in a setting I had never seen before.  Sterile, white, and myself feeling anxious.  There were people probing me in my ass and touching my nipples that didn’t even look like people.  Who are they?

Their heads so round.  Their cocks (or what I thought was their cocks) so hard and protruding.  Who are they?

They started touching me, with their eight fingers and hard cocks.  Probing and prodding me and spurting things all over me that I didn’t know what it was.  So sticky, so creamy, so glossy…

I couldn’t help myself.  Writhed against the bands that held me down to the table.  I wanted the alien cock.  I wanted their glistening cock spit all over my tits.  They stood all around me and shot their extraterrestrial load on my chest all night.

When they were done, they transported me back into my bed as if nothing had ever happened.

But I wanted something to happen.  I want to be a phone sex operator transported into space with a giant alien load on her chest.  Please lift this hot girl from the phone sex kingdom into the skies and fuck her into oblivion.

I’m waiting for you.