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Adult Sex Stories: Let me tell you about my Sunday evening. For some reason, the weather here in Michigan has been quite warmer than usual. It is 6 pm and 80 degrees still. Thankfully I haven’t closed my pool down yet, Michael, and I, and about 6 other friends decided to go swimming. No one had bathing suits though. That didn’t stop my friend Lonnie, Before I could even say anything Lonnie was undressed, completely naked, jumping in the pool screaming skinny dip time.

Ok, why not? Everyone in the pool!

A trail of clothes leads from my back door to the pool. Clothes were flying off of my friends as they were making their way across the yard. Lonnie is always the one to suggest this kind of crazy fun. He has so many of his own adult sex stories that you would think he is a porn star. Lonnie has had a crush on me since the first day we met. Michael warned me that he did and informed me that Lonnie will do anything to make me his.

Over the years he has tried.

I give him credit because he does not give up or slack on his trying. I’m not sure if it was the beer or just being horny and hearing his stories about how he pleases all of the women he has fucked. Giving them multiple orgasms. I just knew I needed to try. I swam to Michael and told him what I was going to do. It was time for me to find out about these magical skills this man has. I take my legs and wrap them around his waist whispering in his ear that I need to feel his hard cock in my pussy. Reaching down to grab his cock I realize it’s not hard. It is soft.

And small, it’s very small.

Playing and rubbing and jacking it off isn’t making it hard. Everyone around was making him nervous he said. This is a man that said he fucked a girl on top of a table in a crowded bar in front of her husband. Ok, Lonnie, I will call your bluff. Let’s go inside to my bedroom. I wanted good sex that night and I didn’t even get any sex thanks to his pathetic little dick that he can’t get hard. What a damn shame. Follow me and watch how I turn my cheating sex stories into a cuckold relationship.  Check out my blog page for my other erotic literature and call my number for naughty phone sex.

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