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While your watching the clock your imagining her getting fucked by the physical trainer. Maybe he’s got her in the shower fucking her with his huge cock. Your already positive he’s bigger than you and why would your hot wife turn that down? The answer is she wouldn’t. Maybe he’s got her bent over on a yoga mat fucking every hole in her tight little body. You want to know the truth check her panties when she comes home maybe you’ll find a creamy surprise.

The second possibility

Or maybe you caught your cheating wife already. The true sex stories are the best but fantasy is hot too. You came home earlier than expected and shes’s in bed with another man. As you look down you notice how huge his dick is. Your angrily jealous but  turned on too. What happened next did you join or were you too shy? Humor me with your adult sex stories. Think your story will turn me on? You can find out right now by calling my free phone sex line.

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