My husband cuckolded by wife and son

After hearing a noise I turn around and my husband is standing there in shock that I’m fucking his son. “Daddy’s home early.” I say to my Johnny. But Johnny was so scared his daddy would be mad. Johnny started to get up but I pushed him back down. “You stay right there”. My husband very angrily raises his voice “How could you?” But he knows I run this house and I get what I want. I walk up to him grabbing his face “Is that how you talk to your goddess?” He put his head down like a dog does when it’s been bad. “But he’s my son” he says. “And again who am I?” He tells me I’m his goddess. “And what does that mean?” He replies with you get what you want. This is where my husband gets cuckolded by wife and son.

Let the cuckold sex begin

I let him know real fast what I wanted was for him to shut up get on knees and get his sons dick hard. Because It was his fault his son lost his hard on. Johnny was slightly weired out and confused at this point. But I told him to keep his eyes on me because I’m about to take him on journey he’ll never regret. My husband drops to his knees asking how can he please me. I take his hand and place it on Johnny’s cock signaling him to stroke him. While my husband is stroking Johnny I distract him by sitting on his face forcing him to eat my pussy. After focusing on making me wet Johnny had forgotten all about his daddy jerking him off.

I grab a hold of my husbands hair and shove his face down on Johnny’s cock. “Suck it for me.” He looks up at me while sucking his cock. Then I tease him about being a cock sucking loser. How pathetic are you to suck your sons cock just because I say you have to? But humiliation is only a turn on for him. Johnny was rock hard and I was ready to fuck. “Put it inside me” I tell my husband. Of course the loser does what I say again. And Yes, I let him know just how amazing his son’s cock felt the whole time I was riding him. I forced him to watch his son squirt loads of cum inside me. But my husband was the clean up boy afterwards. This is the beginning of a new adventure for us all.

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