Alt sex stories for all you perverts

Are you ready to indulge into some alt sex stories with me? I’m looking to go deep into your mind and force out your incest sex stories. Confess all those incestuous stories. I’ll share my stories but in exchange for yours. Let me let you in on a little secret, I’m sort of an incest whore because I have had sex with a few family members now. I like attention and affection and I seek it from everyone around me. So what’s your story? Are you a perverted daddy seducing and fucking his daughter? Don’t be shy with those daddy and daughter stories. I totally get it! As a young teenage girl I was a daddy’s girl. But daddy didn’t seduce me I seduced him.

I’m A very bad girl

Prissing around in skimpy outfits and always sitting in daddy’s lap. I would do anything and everything to get attention and affection from daddy. He tried to resist early on but daddy couldn’t say no forever.  It was quite easy honestly, My hand grabbing him forcing him to touch me. No pervert could resist when the goods are presented like that. After awhile daddy spoiled me with gifts and I spoiled him with hot sex and tight teen pussy. Sound familiar yet? Maybe your not the one seducing her after all maybe it’s you getting seduced. It drives your crazing every time she sits on your lap.

Have you been a dirty daddy?

Have you caved and gave in to hearts desire yet? If you have then you have alt sex stories to share. While you are fantasizing I’ll be in my bed waiting. I’m ready to touch myself while we share our incest sex stories. Even if it’s only a fantasy or dream you have had it’ll be fun to think about. We might find ourselves tanged up in a steamy role play. I’m into Age play phone sex!

If incest isn’t the alt sex stories you seek I have many more sex stories to share.