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Putting our deepest, darkest and most twisted thoughts together really can make for a fun, climatic, exciting accomplice rape fantasy. In fact, these types of fantasy calls always bring on intense orgasms like no other. I get so turned on at thoughts of turning an underage girl into our personal fuck toy.

My boyfriend and I have always talked about our accomplice rape fantasy.

We have been hanging out in the mall parking lot for days; watching the preteen girls coming and going. They are such stupid little cock teasers, totally unaware of what awaits them. They walk around in their short shorts, halter tops as well as matching flip flops with not a care in the world. I love jerking my boyfriend off discreetly while we watch them. We finally spotted a young girl that was to our liking. She was wearing blue jean short shorts and a white halter top with no bra. She had long blonde hair and from a distance, what looks to be like blue eyes. Just as we saw her walking out of the mall towards the back of the parking lot, we sprung into action.

I quickly drove the van up beside her in the parking lot. Once there my boyfriend opened the door, grabbed her and pulled her into the back end of the van. I slowly eased my way out of the parking lot as he gained control over her. As we exited the parking lot I heard him slap her across the face when she screamed; the sound of his hand making contact with her face made my pussy start to drip with excitement. I smiled as I heard him tell her if she wanted to live through this that it would be in her best interest to listen to what she was told. I knew her whimpering was turning my boyfriend on as much as it was turning me on.

This is my accomplice rape fantasy come true (almost).

Once I stopped and parked the van at our secluded spot in the woods I turned around in my seat and watched my boyfriend rub in hands all over the tight young body of our newest prey. With a twinkle in my eye, my nipples erect and my pussy wet, I told my boyfriend that we have arrived at our destination. He opened the van, pushed her out and escorted her to the tent that we set up prior. Apparently, the hard slap across the face and threats had worked because she didn’t struggle after exiting the van. Once inside I pushed her onto the plush blanket with force.

I ran my fingers across her face first and then pulled her halter top up and over her head. Watching her pink puffy nipples harden as the cool air hit them made me smile. I rolled her erect nipple between my fingers before giving it a twist and tug. When she made a quiet yelp I moved on and unsnapped her blue jean shorts. I pushed them over her thighs and flung them to the tent door.

While I sat there looking at her sit there with only panties on another rush came over me.

I turned her around pulling her close to me as I sat down on the blanket. I told her to watch my boyfriend get undressed as I slid my hand into her panties and began playing with her virgin cunt. We both watched my boyfriend’s hard cock spring free as he looked us both in the eye. He hungrily began stroking it and told our little fuck toy that girls like her needed to be taught a lesson.

She had a puzzled look on her face and didn’t know what he was talking about. I told her she was a little cock tease meaning that since she went around teasing cocks, the results are that she was going to get them and not how she liked either. She was going to have all her little holes poked, prodded and penetrated to please the cocks she teased. My boyfriend pushed her to her knees then he slowly got behind her and ran his cock head across her lips. He told her to open her mouth so that she could suck the head of his cock. She barely opened her mouth so he wrapped her long blonde hair around his hand and made her. When she opened wider he shoved his cock inside her warm mouth and began fucking her mouth like it was a cunt.

So sweet and so ripe.

My boyfriend and I started making out while listening to the gagging sounds she was making each time he hit the back of her throat made my pussy so wet. This accomplice rape fantasy action has my twat wet. I stripped my clothes off so my boyfriend could finger fuck my aching cunt. It didn’t take long for me to cum all over his fingers and him to shoot his first load all over our newest, underage little fuck toy’s face. Yes, you read that right, his first load! This little slut gave us many orgasms.

There’s something so hot about encouraging you to rape a virgin cunt that turns me on. I know it makes you go wild with excitement too. Do you like it when the little bitch screams cries and begs you not to hurt her? Like my boyfriend does? Or do you prefer we tape her mouth shut? Do you want to throat fuck her, cunt fuck her or fuck her pink little asshole? I’m open to any of her little holes you want.

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