The most literal definition, AB/DL stands for Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers. The terms are indeed quite literal. Adult babies regress mentally into a child or infant state, either alone or with the help of a partner. Diaper lovers find intense mental and physical pleasures in wearing diapers, or in seeing a partner wear diapers. ABDL fetish chat is about sharing this lifestyle and fetish in a positive manner.

One thing that requires clearing up from the start, this fetish is NOT pedophilia. If you know me or have read any of my family sex stories, you know I was raised in a family fun household. So, no judging. My goal is to share information to support the ABDL lifestyle. Consequently, I definitely do not want anyone offended. I love everyone and the choices they make. My goal here is to help properly explain this fetish and the characteristics.

I wanted to create ABDL fetish chat to add clarity to the fetish.

For AB’s they are in a regressed state of mind. This is a lifestyle choice and the AB’s spend as much time in “little space” as possible. They find a connection to a Daddy or Mommy figure. Often their partner is the parent figure to their little. Complimenting each other allowing a positive lifestyle for both.

DL’s, or diaper lovers, are the fetish side of ABDL. Therefore, they find sexual pleasure from wearing diapers. It is much deeper than that of course. They enjoy the texture, the sound, the feel on their skin and also the comfort and relaxing way wearing a diaper can affect them.

AB’s and DL’s varied greatly.

Most AB’s are regressing to a very young child, and many are choosing an asexual lifestyle. That is the main difference between AB’S and DL’S. All AB’s regress but DL’s. DL’s, even if they enjoy infantile behavior, are into the sexual experience of the process. Adult baby is a type of role-play, it is about being a “little.” For the “bigs” they are there to comfort and care for the “littles.”

Some adult babies also have a diaper fetish and some don’t. As with all things kinky, the spectrum is very wide. Diaper lovers vary from those who like to wet themselves and those who like to poo in their diapers. Going so far as staying in the soiled diaper for a long time.

One nice thing about ABDL, you can ease in all by yourself to try it.

If you enjoy it, there are many in the ABDL community to support you. The community is a solid base of people, world-wide determined to share the fetish in a positive way. There is an endless supply of information to be gained from the active members of the ABDL communities.

For the AB part of it, you can find full-size onesies and other clothing options available quite easily. There is a store in Chicago that caters to the fetish. He has been operating for years. His goal is to support and help distinguish any ridicule by those outside the ABDL community. As is my goal with ABDL fetish chat through my blogs.

Tykables, the store in Chicago, offers everything needed for this lifestyle.

The cool part is you can walk in and experience shopping for your needed items without judgment. This fetish will probably always carry a taboo feel among the judgemental people in society. It sucks and so do they. So, fuck them, do you and what feels good.

I am that “live and let live” kind of gal. I find enjoyment in life in respecting other’s choices. One of the qualities that add to my GILF phone sex. Personally, I can see the plus side to the entire ABDL process. For me, it isn’t my choice but I totally respect and love those that choose this lifestyle and fetish. Personally, I enjoy sharing and being a supporting character in their lives if they need me.

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