Everyone has a thing that helps them feel safe. Some people have food, others have friends, some have a place and for some, it is a fetish. I love sharing that as a child I grew up in a family play household and it was a safe place for me. Hence, in my lifetime, I have ventured into multiple fetishes. Soon a diaper lover experience will enter my life.

Therefore, I am very open to other’s choices. I get it and I respect them for being brave enough to find something that fits them and sometimes pleases them. There are so many fetishes out there, I don’t even know if they all have labels. Then they overlap into each other sometimes. As always, my feeling is “to each their own.”

Do you have a fetish that you enjoy? Maybe you are a diaper lover?

Either is good. It is all about what feels right. So many people are afraid to be themselves and let their true colors shine. I totally understand society is fucking judgemental. There are a lot of assholes roaming the earth and they have a shit ton of opinions. Fuck them and their opinions. Be what makes you feel good inside! Little do I know on a visit from my daughter and her husband I will have a diaper lover experience.

All this brings me to my daughter’s husband. They are here for our holiday get together. I am so excited to have her and her husband, Dan, here visiting. She and Dan are out visiting her old friends. I should unpack and put their stuff away. As I am putting their clothes in the closet and dresser, I come to a package of adult diapers.

Confused I am assuming someone is experiencing incontinence, not realizing this will provide a diaper lover experience from my son-in-law.

When the kids get back from visiting, I let them know I unpacked their stuff. Both of them look at each other with a worried look. I am sensing they are hiding something. Turning, I tell them it is okay if one of them is experiencing incontinence. Because I found the adult diapers and I get it.

Jill says, “Mom sit down, we should explain this.” We are sitting in the family room and she starts explaining that Dan is a diaper lover. So Dan is the one suffering from incontinence? No, it is a fetish choice. He feels comfortable and safe when he has the diapers on. Regressing to a younger Dan so he can be cared for by Jill.

Wow, it is new to me but I totally see the benefits.

He considers himself a “little” and Jill is his “big” or caretaker. I love it. I completely see the wonderful benefits of this process. Hugging them, I am telling them how much I appreciate them sharing this with me. Jill also explains for Dan it is a sexual fetish. Now, they are piquing my curiosity.

Both of them are trying to explain that the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover lifestyle and fetish are so huge and varied. I am striving to honor and explain the fetish through ABDL Fetish Chat. Each person can have completely different behaviors, beliefs, and activities. I suppose most fetishes are like this with each person taking what feels right for them. Dan does have a sexual fetish with the diaper wearing and Jill loves being with him while he is wearing the diapers.

I am beyond happy for the kids that they can be who they truly are with each other. I respect their choices and love them all the more. For me, this only adds to my fetish phone sex. Therefore, I am determined to learn and know more about the diaper lover experience.

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