I’m such a submissive sex slave at times. Yeah I can get dominant but there are times when I want to be taken advantage of and made into the little cum slut you desire. That little submissive whore that does whatever I’m commanded to do. Fulfilling each and every one of your desire makes me cum so hard. My hot sexy neighbor likes to make me into his dirty whore. He comes over only when his cock needs to be drained, cuffs me to the bed and takes full advantage of me like he did last night. He tied me to the bed and teased my little pussy with his tongue, he didn’t want me to cum just yet he just to tickle my clit with that long moist tongue of his.

I squirmed all over the bed I love the tease. He then took his cock out his pants and shoved it between my lips, he grabs the back of my head and began to fuck my mouth shoving his cock deeper and deeper down my throat. I gagged from the deep throat but that didn’t stop him fucking my face. The more I gagged and choked on his cock the harder he fucked my face. He pulled his cock from my throat and stuck his throbbing head on my lips and forced me to lick up the pre cum. The more that came out the wetter my pussy got. He flipped me over onto my hands and knees with my ass sticking straight out for him, grabbed a handful of hair and forced his cock into my pussy.

With one thrust he had forced himself all the way in my pussy. Pulling my hair and shoving his cock deeper and deeper inside me. I couldn’t stop the moans and I kept moaning louder and louder, he grabs a gag ball and shoves into my mouth muffling my screams of pleasure. Then he forces my face into my pillow and slides his cock out of my pussy into my ass. I feel his cock throbbing inside me, I began shaking and can’t stop myself from squirting my cum down my thighs and onto my sheets. About a minute later I feel his load squirting into my ass filling my ass up with that warm creamy cum. But because I was such a bad girl and came too soon what do you think he made me do that cum on my sheets? Call me with your guess. Looking for a submissive for your phone sex fetish call me. Let’s dive into sex slavery together.

Kinky Kelsey