Drugged, fucked and sold into Sex Slavery

Sex slavery makes for a kinky role play if you’re a submissive bitch looking for domination phone sex that is. Don’t let my innocent smile fool you I’m only waiting for the right time to let my bitch side show. You spot me drinking with my girlfriend and you think you can get inside my panties but I’ll be the one baiting you. You offer to buy me a drink and I let you but did you pay close attention to your drink? If you had, then you would have known I had slipped something in it. As the night moves along we end up back at my place while you think things seem to be getting hot between us you start to feel a little dizzy so I offer my bed to you.

When you wake up things don’t look like you remember them do they? Things look different because your waking up in my dark basement tied up. You try squirming out of those handcuffs but of course you fail to get free. When the door opens you see me and my girlfriend enter. The light turns on and my basement looks like a sex dungeon. I’m not your average girl next door in fact I have a sick and twisted desire. A guy with a massive hard on walks in as you continue asking questions. While you were sleeping I snapped pictures and posted them along with a price. I knew the moment I saw you your ass would make me some money. His clothes drop to floor and his cock is in your face.

I force your mouth open and his dick goes down into your throat. While my girlfriend holds your head still our friend rapes your mouth. I tell you if you please him and make him cum I’ll set you free. You open your mouth wide and follow my cock sucking instructions. After a long and rough mouth fucking he still hasn’t cum so I tell you it’s time for anal play. Me and my girlfriend spread your legs as he pushes his cock inside your ass. He pumps inside hard and deep after a few thrust it doesn’t even hurt anymore. After he’s finished with you you’re ready to be set free but didn’t you know that I’m a liar your mine forever. If you have no limits and love forced bi then let me sell you into sex slavery.

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Sex SlaveryKinky Kelsey