Animal sex is always so hot! You have four-legged four friends popping into the tight wet pussies of all kinds of the Phone Sex Kingdom girls. However, this is not your usual animal sex story. This story actually starts without any animals at all. It all happened one year when I snuck into the bar with some friends for a  holiday party. There were a bunch of older men who liked to wear leather and ride motorcycles. They tended to always have the best drugs. As we were partying an older guy who clearly did not belong to the group came in trying to sell his new drug call “Jingle”. Of course, the guys not only beat him up but took his drugs for being on their turf.

The stranger begged them not to take the pills because doing so with no experience could have disastrous consequences. So, what does everyone do when faced with that sort of situation? Well like any reasonable man, he took the pills from the stranger and passed it around so everyone could have one.

25 Days Of Sexmas: Animal Sex After Being Transformed Into Reindeer!

Although, thirty minutes later we began to see some rather interesting effects we did not account for. Not only did we all have raging sexual desires to pleasure each other. On top of that, we began to change and transform literally into other creatures. Specifically, Reindeer!

Our hands began to be replaced with hoofs. I couldn’t stop watching as men tore their pants from themselves as their legs transformed into the hindquarters of Reindeer. Then, their dicks would follow suit. Suddenly I could feel a cold wet snout push against my dripping cunt as my own body transformed as well. As fur covered the surface of my skin I moaned out. However, it was not the whimpers of a sweet vixen any longer. However, it was the loud outcry of a mating mammal, waiting for her reindeer steed to mount her. As my tail began to form towards the base of my ass I was mounted. The bar full of reindeer we fucked like wild animals, all of us waking up the next day stuffed and coated with cum. A very big positive to this new  street drug!


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