2 Girls And A Guy- Girls Love Dick!

My friend Jenn was in town for the weekend and she spent Friday night hanging out with me. I was so much fun! We went to a few clubs, had a bit too much to drink and ended up going back to my place with some guy named Bret. I don’t really remember much about him other than his name and his dick. Honestly, I gave most of my attention to that thick, hard 8-inch piece of meat, the rest of him wasn’t that important. Jenn didn’t think so either.

  The three of us got naked and Jenn was rubbing herself all over Bret, pressing her tits against him and kissing his neck. I watched them for a minute but my eyes kept going lower and I dropped to my knees. I bent my head down and licked his balls, a warm musky scent filling my nose and mouth. So I licked him a bit faster and his dick twitched, dying for some attention. I just kept licking him until he was covered in my spit. Bret moaned deep in his throat.

I put one of his balls in my mouth, closing my lips around it.

I sucked on it and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jenn join me on the floor. Then I popped him out of my mouth and said “Feel his balls, they’re so hot and heavy. I bet he has a big load for us.” Jenn cupped his balls in her hand and said “Mmm, yeah it’s been a few days since he’s had any action. Luckily he has us.” I put my hand around his dick and began to stroke it while Jenn began to suck and lick his balls. A drop of pre-cum leaked out of his tip and down the head. I flicked my tongue over it and stroked him a bit faster.
He pushed his hips forward. Fucking himself in my hand while he put his hands on the back of my head and Jenn’s. He held us, forcing us to keep giving him what he wanted. He pushed my hand down and I slid my hand off him, putting my lips around his head. I slid down his shaft and began to suck his dick while Jenn kept sucking his balls. He moaned and pushed my head down hard, ramming himself down my throat. I gagged and barely had time to recover before he was moving me on him at a hard pace.
He hit the back of my throat, again and again, making me gag and spit dribbled all over my chin. I did my best to suck him and my lips must have slid over that shaft a hundred times. I could hear him groaning and Jenn moaning it made me so freaking wet. To think of what we were doing to him.

     I felt him swell in my mouth. A second later wet strings of cum shot down my throat.

I swallowed it down as he pulled on my hair. He finally let me go and my throat felt all bruised. Cum dripped down my lips and chin as I slid him out of my mouth and Jenn said “Oh! You’re all dirty!” She held my face in her hand and helped me to my feet then began kissing and licking the cum off my lips while Bret watched us. When my lips were clean I pulled Jenn close to me, looked over at Bret with a grin and led her to the bed.

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