Zombie Sex Entry 10.20.1956

A branch scratched the window as Helen hid behind the furniture in the middle of the room.  Three hours before, she had been on a plane with John joking with this other couple.  Monster sex popped up with all the hysteria of a new virus outbreak, but that conversation seemed a thing of B-rated movies.

She waited for John to return.  He had braved the storm to find a generator, but he had been gone too long for her liking.  When the knob began shaking, Helen found herself anchored to the floor.  The room was still only lit by fire, and the outside world was black past her windows.  John came in, gripping his shoulder and locking up the cabin quickly.

Helen wanted to believe that the stories told had just crept their way into her head.  Zombies did not exist, and zombie sex was far-fetched.  She stood to greet him with a towel;  the rain had soaked him to the core! Helen glimpsed crimson on his white button-up. Blood!

“John! You’re bleeding!”  Had it been from a wayward branch or some animal?  She rushed to the cabinet for antiseptic, noting that he seemed pale.

Only 20 Minutes Prior

John walked into the run-down bar that was also a back alley strip joint.  That damned generator was nowhere to be found. He had walked a mile to look for help.  Eventually, he found himself at Buckey’s Tit Buffet- a sleazy place advertising “Food, Booze, and BOOBS!”

He told himself he should be quick.  Helen was alone in the cabin, and he knew she was more spooked by the zombie sex story than she let on.  He stalked up to the bar, asking how they still had power.  The boy said the soaking wet stripper on stage went out and got their generator running, but he was unsure how long it would be before the storm passed.

John tried asking more, but the boy said he was new to town.  Walking over to the stripper, he found himself captivated by the woman.  After he got married, John promised himself no more girls.  His mom said he would cave, that he was like his father, but he wanted to be better.

She was swaying back and forth on stage in a strange manner. John took in his surroundings: old school juke, dusty billiard table, and a few arcades games.  A couple of college kids gossiped about zombie sex, and John wondered how long before it was a creepypasta.

“Hey, You been here a while?  I have some questions.”

The stripper led him to the back room, which was stuffy and cold.  It was quiet, and his ears finally stopped ringing. He knew he had to ask about generators for the cabin rentals and leave.

She already had a hand tugging at his zipper, and she smelled of lilac and Autumn. So hypnotic, he could almost not think straight.  “Listen, it’s not like that,” he tried.  She didn’t seem to hear him, running her fingers down his thigh with a broken acrylic on her middle finger.

He cleared his throat and tried again, but still, it was as though she heard nothing.  He put his hand on her chin to focus her attention on him.  She seemed vacant, in a way.  John had to laugh at himself and the prospect of monster sex.  Of course, she was alive! Sex with the dead seemed outrageous.

Zombie Sex Blow Jobs to Die For!

John felt himself caving into one Halloween fling. She was irresistible! Just as she moved to free his twitching dick from his tight pants, he realized something. When he attempted to tuck a loose strand of hair behind her ear, he could not get it to stay.  Her ear was gone!  Bitten or torn off, perhaps.

As he began pulling away, she lunged and made a snack of his left shoulder. She had really been looking forward to giving a zombie sex blowjob!  He screamed and pushed her down, running for the front door and out into the rain.  John swore that he could hear screaming through the harsh rain, but he was not going back.  He needed to get back to Helen, and they needed to leave!

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