Your Wife Succumbs To Your Mistress

Mmmm I woke up this morning thinking of how much you enjoy your Mistress keeping you and your wife in check. Your pretty little wife looks so good down between my legs, cleaning me up after you’ve done your dirty deed deep inside me. It makes me smile knowing every load you deposit in me, she shall be my servant and lick that pussy sparkling clean afterward.

You’ve always loved how dominant I like to be with you. Your mistress does love to be worshiped your know.  Teasing and denying you until you feel like you just can’t hold that jizz in any longer.  Your affair with me has been going on for several months, and I got the crazy idea of having your wife join us for a dirty round. Joining us in the way I want, not necessarily the way you were expecting.  She’s such a pretty little submissive thing, I knew I could use her in just the way I wanted and there wasn’t anything you could do about it either.  If you wanted to keep me happy, then my new female slave was going to be owned by Mistress Roxy and be my clean-up whore from now on.

She didn’t expect me to be there the other day when she got home from work.

I had you stripped down, edging your dick. Expressing your gratitude to me for allowing you Joe, to be in my presence.  She looked surprised when I walked over to her and pushed her down in the chair, calling her a weak woman and that she needed some lessons from me.  Tied up, she looked pathetic and started crying, as you drooled over my body, jerking yourself off like a drug addict dying for a hit and willing to do anything for it.

You see darling, your husband is addicted to my pussy and domineering ways.  Nothing you’ve done has ever satisfied him, so he needs me to give him what he needs.  And the funny thing is, it’s not always sex. It’s knowing how and when to push the limits. Give them a taste of what they think they want. Then flip the script and make them do something completely out of their comfort zone. That’s what men want. They want that ultimate fantasy they have in their hand to be unleashed, and I’m just the Mistress to do it.

At that moment I knew he could take no more.

Glancing back and forth between me and his wife, not knowing exactly what I was going to make her do. ‘Oh please Mistress Roxy, I’ll do anything, just let me fuck that sweet honey hole of yours!’.  I smiled, I had him and his pathetic weak wife right where I wanted them.  I sat down on the edge of the bed, spread my legs, and said, ‘Come here, Joe. It’s time to feast!’  He got down on his knees, breathing so hard I thought he might hyperventilate. And then ………… Oh, you want to hear the rest?  Well then let’s book our own dirty call, and let me be your naughty Mistress!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke