Your Sex Therapist Will Keep Your Dirty Secrets

We are always looking for that one person we can tell anything to. Someone we can reveal our hidden desires, our sex secrets, the kinky things we’ve almost done but haven’t quite had the guts to go through with it. Well, look no further because I am that sexy MILF that loves to have you expose all the dirty details. But I’m not just one that wants to listen, but the naughty one that lusts to play them all out with you too.  My hypnotic voice and perverted ways will have you spilling your fetishes and fantasies to me in no time at all.  Cum into my office and let Roxy, your new sex therapist get to work.


All my sessions are confidential, so you know I will never betray your trust. But one of my clients has a fantasy for me to expose all his deepest and darkest secrets.  I have to admit, it turned me on so much to hear him air his sex secrets to me that my mind was spinning thinking of what I could get out of him.  Exposing him is just part of his fantasy sex world, he also loves the thought of being blackmailed to do it.  So I put him under hypnosis so I could gather all the information I needed on him to have him underneath my thumb. And when I wanted something and he did not perform the tasks I required, then all I’d have to do was to pull out my little black book of secrets and show him everything I had.

A married family man with so many sex secrets can be very dangerous.

I love the thought of holding your fate in my hand and trust me, I’m not afraid of pushing the envelope to get what I want out of the deal too. All the video-taped sex sessions, all the confessions you’ve made, and then the biggest reveal, having filthy and perverted thoughts about me. Just like playing Russian Roulette, it’s just a matter of time before you lose. Because I always work for the hand in my favor, never yours.

Do you want me to be your stepmom or aunt taking advantage of that young cock, or humiliate you for being less than average size?  Deep down that’s why you love it isn’t it?  Your too small for a real woman like me to want you, isn’t that true? So you love to role play your younger so when you show off that small cock you fit right into a family fun role. But that’s not the only sex secret I have on you, is it? And when you revealed to me this secret, I thought I wonder how many others have this same one?  Do you have some naughty secrets or fantasies you want to tell me?  Let’s work them all out, sex therapist Roxy is ready to have you expose them.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke