I want to fuck your ass until it’s sore. I’m feeling very sadistic lately. and when that happens, I can be a little bitch! You’ll listen to my every word, or you’ll pay the consequences. You won’t get away from me, and you better not struggle or move away. The cuffs and ties are there for a reason, to remind you that you’re mine. You will NOT  try to get out of them – it’s useless. 

The faster you realize you’re mine..the better off that you are, and the more you can enjoy it. 😉 I want to get sadistic with you, take out all those naughty little kinks that you and I both have. The whips, the chains, the strapon & everything else we can play with.. From nipple clamps to chastity belts. Have you ever worn one, babe? I want you to imagine being tied down to the bed.. Having me climb right on top of you and lean down just enough to kiss your neck. Starting off gentle..kissing my way down, pushing your hands down. Making sure you’re all tied up and secured, as I make it look like I’m just going to tease you..

but there’s more to it than that. Once you’re tied down, you’re all mine, and so is that ass. I don’t care if it’s not what you expected. I’ll break out all the toys and love that scared reaction on your face.. The face when you realize I’m going to hurt you. I’m going to whip you, tease you, make your cock as hard as it can get in that little cock cage. When I drive you insane, lube up that strapon, and really let you have it.. You wanted to cum, didn’t you? Well, you don’t even need to be hard to cum. You just need me to fuck that ass hard..just the right way. So shut up & brace yourself, that ass is MINE.

Come play with me.

Dirty Sexting