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“Omg! You must be one of the cheerleaders”, is a question I get all the time, especially back in school. You have the whole stereotype of the hot slutty cheerleader who wears nothing but skirts with no panties, and long blonde hair. I totally get it! Cheerleaders are hot, but c’mon cheers don’t require that much effort! Not when you consider the other side… I was a young tight ballerina in school! It was my passion and I danced my ass off over and over again. That’s what made my body so fit and toned, and ready to devour.

And besides, I still was able to fuck so many professors as a young tight ballerina. I caught the eye of so many professors that I got straight A’s without turning in a single assignment all semester long.

Every time I walked down the hallways, I could feel the cum of those naughty older men leaking out of both my tight holes. Their cum kept me soaking wet until the next class when I got re-lubricated again the same way as before. It was a non-stop cycle of cum at school.

But, don’t be fooled. I wasn’t just a young tight ballerina slut at school!

That carried over to my dance studio which is where I spent so many hours. But unlike at school, I didn’t have a bunch of different professors.

At the ballet studio, there was only one instructor. He had his eye on me from the minute I started taking lessons. It was so hot to know that my parents would congratulate and thank him whenever I performed well on stage.

The performances we designed together always got a standing ovation. But the real magic happened at all the practices leading up to a big show. It would be hours after school of non-stop fucking. It definitely kept me in tip-top ballerina shape!

The mirrors in the dance studios really add an extra element when you are getting fucked hard. All the different angles made my pussy drip that much more. I could watch his big cock filling me up from every angle I looked.

It was hard not to stare at our gorgeous image.

Our sweaty bodies would work on making each other cum over and over again. Filthy dirty creampies are my favorite! My parents wouldn’t pick me up until after dinnertime.

They were always concerned that I was missing meals, but I got my stomach filled up with something highly nutritious multiple times.

I would never tire of coming home and laying down in my bed with his cum dripping down my holes and on my breath. Nothing is better than dripping cum out of every single hole.

It went unnoticed a long time until Daddy came into my room one night and noticed my cum covered ballet tights. That’s when things got even more fun! My ballet teacher is not the only one who wants to put a load inside of my cunt. I loved all the cum-filled attention!

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