Filthy dirty creampies get me so hot.

I want you to come over to my place to give me another one of your amazing filthy dirty creampies. I’m sick of reading detailed blowjob stories. I want you to fuck me! The reasons to fuck me at my place are simple. You can never use a condom, and you have to cum twice.

You have never had a problem with that. When you find me in my sexy black lingerie, you can’t stop staring. You love my sexy black thigh highs that meet at my garter belt, and they go up to my see-through black thong panties. Once you take your cock out, it gets me soaking wet.

I can’t help it. Your cock looks so nice all stiffed and hard for me.

I open my legs nice and wide for you. You can see the wet spot on my panties just begging you to pull them off to me.

When you finally start kissing on my thighs, I’m a wet mess. I pull you up to my level and start kissing your neck. I start to push my pussy against you and grind it against your cock.

Finally, I slide your hard cock inside me. Every inch feels so good deep inside me. When I’m grinding my hips against yours, I can feel your lips graze my ears. It sends tingles down my spine.

I love being able to feel every inch of your cock inside me. I feel you start to thrust really deep inside of me. And I know it’s only a few more seconds until your cum starts spilling out of my pussy.

When it finally happens, it feels so good! You always cum so much. It fills me. Look at the mess you made! Although I would let you make a mess on my couch any day. So I think it’s time we move to another piece of furniture to fulfill the second part of my rules.


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 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke