Not so innocent young teen girls role-play

This idea came to me in a call last night. He mentioned he liked my young teen girls stories and came up with an idea morphed from my sex stories. His idea gave me an idea of the ultimate tease and seduction fantasy role-play. For this, to work I would need a real perverted family member, let’s say an Uncle maybe? An Uncle would be perfect because he’s known me and my girlfriends since we were little and watched us transform over the years. We were cute and sweet little girls at one point, playing barbies and baby dolls but in our teen years, we have traded barbies for naughty men. We’re no longer making barbie seducing Ken we are seducing men. I and my friends are fully aware of how our bodies have fully changed as well, and we see you looking.

You haven’t just started looking since we have blossomed either, there were a few times back in our younger years you resisted to. Don’t tell me you have forgotten all the times you were watching us sleep. How we moved around so much our nightgowns hiked up above our young little asses. You wanted to feel us up on many occasions. But one night you found a way to get your feel without ever touching us, you stood over the bed and just looked while jerking off. You stole some dirty panties off the floor to cum inside of. What you didn’t think we noticed? Oh, we noticed because you never stopped. Nowadays you stand in the hall peeping through a cracked door and you watch us get undressed. Sometimes you still come in when you think we are asleep.

From young girls to teen girls

All those years you look but don’t touch. Your like a pervert with no balls. Now that we have figured out we can control you, we will do just that. Mom and dad went away for their anniversary and left you in charge. My girlfriends come over and we talk you into buying alcohol for us. It’s not really hard to convince you to buy us anything. We put on our sweet cute girl voice and you instantly give in. You’re watching us play truth or dare drunk. When young teen girls play truth or dare it’s dangerous with so many daring dares and secret truths revealed. During the truths, you find out we are a bunch of naughty young teens with a curiosity about sex. The dares we dare each other to do are even scarier.

The girls are running through the halls naked, daring each other to kiss, and they’re even flashing you. You are about to pop watch these young teen girls. The temptation is calling and even though you’re resisting how long will it last? The drinks have the girls getting more daring by the bottle and now you’re the center of the attention. As temptation is getting worse you tell the girls maybe they should get their nightclothes on. The girls say “this is our nightclothes.” You’re in disbelief. Panties and bras for bedtime pajamas? “You don’t like our Pajama’s?” Of course, you like it, it’s just hard to resist young teen girls that are half-naked. The girls gather around you showing off their sexy half naked bodies. Your mind is spinning out of control with perverted thoughts. Just when things can’t get any worse you pop a boner.

Pervert Uncle gets tortured

Your boner doesn’t go unnoticed. The girls giggle and point it out. They start asking to see it but when you say no they take matters into their own hands. One of the girls is poking at it, another girl is tying one hand to the chair while another is tying the hand. The girls pull down your pants revealing your big dick. Another girl start to touch it and giggles to the other girls “You should feel it.” Now all the other girls want to touch it. The more they touch the harder you get. My girlfriend gets down on her knees and licks it. You moan and now that they know you like it things are about to get worse. How far will the young teen girls go? It’s our fantasy Role-play. Things can get as taboo as we want!

Serving a tasty surprise for my lover and all these other sex stories then you know I’m not afraid of getting kinky. I’m not afraid to get down and dirty. I’m a no limits phone sex operator ready to conquer all your dirty fantasies and fetishes.