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A little seduction and blackmail from a young teen babysitter. I love a pervert daddy. Those naughty thoughts you keep hidden from the world are so exciting to hear. You wouldn’t be the first pervert I have encountered. In my babysitting days I came across a few dirty daddies. I’ll never forget Mr. Smith. He was a very naughty daddy. I was his babysitter for awhile. One time I borrowed his laptop and came across some videos. These videos weren’t your usual Dirty sex videos. The folder was labeled babysitter. I clicked the folder and there I learned he had cameras all over his house. He was recording me. Being his babysitter I often worked long nights. Sometimes I would masturbate in the couples bed.  It seemed Mr. Smith was getting off on this babysitter touching herself. But what he didn’t know was how badly I wanted to fuck him.

These videos gave me an idea to seduce and blackmail him. Before he got home I stripped out of my clothes and grabbed a bottle of alcohol. I was positioned sexy waiting for him to come home. Mr. Smith walked through the door and headed upstairs to find me. He found his babysitter in his room waiting. Of course he was surprised to see me naked with a bottle of wine. He even tried to make me cover myself. It wasn’t easy seducing him. I had to show him the babysitter recordings he had been hiding. Basically, I threatened to show his wife the videos which he begged me not to. It was actually cute listening to him plead his case with me. But I quickly shut him down and held my ground. I will get what I want one way or another.

Seduced and Blackmailed

Once he saw he wasn’t going to win he offered to buy my silence. I could use some extra cash. But Mr. Smith paid me well to be his babysitter making me question the money. He laid down bill after bill trying to persuade me. Then I collected the money and told him it would cost more than that. Yes I kept the money but I wanted him too. Then I walked towards him and dropped to my knees. I took his cock out of pants and touching it. “Tell me how bad you want this babysitter.” I already knew the answer but I wanted to hear him say it. Then I licked his cock. I reminded  him how angry his wife would be if she seen these babysitter videos. Between teasing his cock I used blackmail to get him to cave.

This did not keep him from trying to talk me down but I held strong. I started to ignore his begging and shoved his cock inside my mouth. If young teen babysitter is what you want then I will give it to you. My mouth wrapping around his cock I stroke him with my lips. I take him deep into my throat. His hand grabs onto my head. “That’s a good boy, give in to the babysitter.” I let him fuck my mouth for a little while then I push him on to the bed. “This babysitter pussy needs a kiss.” I sit on his face and tell him to kiss it. He now knows to obey. His tongue slides inside me and I ride his face. My babysitter pussy is the best! I am so delicious. Mr. smith made me cum so hard.

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