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My babysitter sex stories are usually the ones involving me and the dirty daddies but not this time. This is more of a revenge fuck story. Cody’s daddy and I have been having this secret affair but he broke my heart and I got revenge. Never leave a scorned horny babysitter alone with your young hot son. Cody’s daddy got caught fucking my best friend but you could say the score is even now. I was sitting on his bed reading while he was playing video games. We talked about the girls at school and if he was seeing anyone. It’s cute to see how nervous he gets around girls. He tells me he’s never had a girlfriend or even kissed a girl. I unbuttoned my shirt to show a little cleavage while telling him he could practice on me.

Poor Cody was so nervous but I moved closer towards him and kissed his lips. “That wasn’t so bad was it?” He was at a loss for words until I grabbed his hand and placed it on my tits. It was obvious he was a virgin he got hard just touching my tits on the outside of my shirt. Cody’s curious hands drift inside my shirt before removing it. My pants slide down and asked him of he had ever seen a pussy before. Innocent Cody shook his no. Before removing my panties I slide his hand inside them. His fingers rubbed against my pussy but he had no clue what he was doing. The way he touched me was like a young boy exploring but that was the case. I helped him out by grabbing his hand and guiding him.

Looking down I noticed his hard cock and then I lowered down between his legs. My lips wrapped around his cock but I had stop a few times to keep him from cumming. I didn’t have much time left so I shoved him on the bed and put his cock inside me. It wasn’t a long fuck but at least I got to fuck him. His warm creamy load shot inside me and left him with a smile. I’m not even close to done with my revenge. The best phone sex is right here. Let’s get together and talk babysitter sex stories. Age play sex stories are the best.

Kinky Kelsey