Let’s talk about young sex stories.

If you have any favorite young sex stories that you love thinking about when you want to get naughty, I want to hear about it. I love being that sweet innocent forbidden fruit that you crave to take a bite out of. I’m here to tell you that I want you to touch me. Come and rub your older hands all over my little body. Then, show me what it does to you. Show me the massive bulge that is ready to spring out of your shorts. You know I am still a virgin, but I’m practically begging you to take me.

At family gatherings, I notice you feeding my mom and dad more alcohol. Soon enough, they don’t even notice that you sneak up to my room where I am supposed to be sleeping. My eyes light up when you enter the room. You find me on my bed in a pink nightie, reading one of my mom’s gossip magazines.

“How are you my dear Olivia,” you say to me as you shut the door.

You come and sit on the edge of my bed. You look around the room and notice it’s all decked out in hot pink and Hello Kitty. I start to ask you why you shut the door to my room, but I soon have all my answers. You start to put your hand on my thighs, and while asking me about my day, your hand starts to move up closer and closer to my virgin treasure. When I start to move away, you reassure me that everything will be okay.

Your hand lands right on my clit, and you discover that I’m not wearing any panties. Your eyes say it all because you can finally feel how wet I am because of you. You know we are in for a long night with my parents passed out.

Come have age play phone sex while my parents are asleep with me!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke

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