Detailed sex stories are my favorite way to get off!

So I thought I would tell you one of my detailed sex stories to help you out tonight. I’ve noticed you looking at me from across the hall. Ever since I moved into the apartment across the hall, you’ve eyed me moving in. You must be so excited to have a tight, young hottie living next door. Well, I’m still pretty new to this town, maybe I can come over and ask for some directions around town. Then after that maybe we could have some fun!

I knock on your door, wearing a tight tank top and a short plaid skirt. I ask you something trivial, but I’m giving you a naughty look and biting my lip. So you invite me inside to have a drink. Once we’re on your couch, I put my hand in your thigh. Then start rubbing my hand on your thigh. Your hand soon falls all the way down to my pretty feet. You can’t help but stare at them. You have watched a lot of feet fetish porn, but my feet excited you more.  I can see your cock starting to get hard. Without saying anything, I unzip your pants and pull your cock out.

 Then I start sucking on your cock, I swirl my tongue around the head of your cock.

The taste of pre-cum in my mouth is one of my favorites, nothing gets me wetter. After that, you pull off my tank top and expose my tits. My nipples are so hard. Then I hike up my skirt to reveal my glistening wet pussy. I slide your cock straight into my tight cunt and begin riding you. I bounce up and down, my tits in your face. Then I bend over for you on your couch. My ass is right up in the air. You shove your cock deep in my ass and fuck me so fucking hard. I’m moaning and screaming in my pleasure and soon you are cumming deep in my ass. I can’t wait to come back tomorrow, I have a wonderful new neighbor!

Will you be my neighbor during our phonesex talk?

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke

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