Whats a fetish that you have been dreaming about?

Whats a fetish that you have been waiting to tell a woman who can get as filthy as you? You need a true no limits and no taboo kind of woman. This is exactly why I think we are going to have so much fun together. I looked at your computer when you were out working late. And I found, your secret stash of scat porn videos. I had mixed feelings at first, but soon I was rubbing my clit and soaking the bed sheets. It just felt so…naughty.

Finally, when you came home, I knew that I wanted to watch the videos with you. I took your hand as soon as you walked into the door and lead you into the bedroom. When you walked in, your eyes darted to the computer screen. On it, you saw your favorite scat porn playing. It was the one where the man fucks the woman in the ass, and then takes a huge shit on her. The woman in the video just loved it and came so hard. Just like I did, earlier when I was watching the video. You glanced at me nervously. But all your nerves went away, when you saw me rubbing my clit with my panties off.

“I want this to happen. I need it.” I whisper into your ear as you got closer to me, to feel how wet I was.

With my slippery juices on your fingers, there was no denying how much I needed it. I needed you to share with me your dirty little secret. I bend down in front of you, sticking my ass up in the air for you. Then, I felt your cock slide into my soaking wet pussy. It turned me on so much to know it wouldn’t be long before we both got very messy together.

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Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke

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