Submitting to my young hot mistress changed everything.

My life changed when Olivia found me in a bookstore and dragged me back to her house.  She transformed my life.  The initial changes were traditional.  I felt sexy again, I became more confident, and in my professional life, I regained my voice. Then I noticed other types of shifts in my thinking that confused me at first. When we were together in private, I had an intense desire to please her and relinquish control. At first, I was afraid to tell her. But one day I just blurt out that I want to be more submissive. It was so different than other adventures we had set on like our first squirt fest. I felt such relief when she responded positively and took the role of my young hot mistress.

We started slow, with me doing homework.  My first assignment was videotaping myself practicing common BDSM submission positions. My assignment confused me because I did not know how to do it. An exasperated Olivia finally said, get a tripod, Boomer.  Boomer is her shorthand for reminding me that I am an incompetent baby boomer.

The next homework assignment was to insert a butt plug every day before I got dressed for work. Then I had to send her pictures upon request to prove my obedience.

At night, my orders were to insert a remote control Lovense Lush 3 Egg Vibrator in my ass.  Every night, as I laid in bed next to my wife, Olivia would torment me by sending all sorts of vibrations rumbling through my ass.  Avoiding getting caught was such an erotic challenge.

When I got back to Olivia’s city, she told me she changed the door code to her house.  She instructed me to call when I arrived, take off all my clothes and stand naked on the porch.  We discussed that I did not want to do public nudity, but Olivia does not care what I say.  I waited fifteen minutes before she opened that door, and during that time, several housewives walking their dogs walked by and taunted me.

When I came into the house, my hot young mistress told me to drop to my knees.  She put a collar and leash around my neck and pulled me to her cunt.  Then she told me to lick all the cum that she got a few hours before I arrived.  She was so full, and it took me 30 minutes to clean.  Then, she pressed my head further into her cunt and peed down my throat.

Then I crawled on my hands and knees into her bathroom. 

I licked her cunt while she had a bowel movement.  When done, she stood up and told me to lick her ass clean.  Her ass had a slippery film of shit, and I had to lick it all off. The thrill of licking her shitty ass made me so hard. After toilet duty, I crawled into the bedroom with shit on my face. No washcloth allowed.  Once we got to her room, she got a paddle. Then she whacked my cock until it went limp.

Then my hot young mistress put me in a cock cage and hooked my leash to a freshly installed mount. I drank dog bowls mixed with a combination of her piss and her dog’s piss throughout the day.  I was on a piss-only diet with the only other source of nutrition coming from licking her shitty ass every time she had a bowel movement.

Next week, I will tell you about the rest of the day.  I am well on my way to being empowered by day and a perfect sub on nights and weekends!

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