Young Hot Bodies At The Gym

A while ago I had a management job at a health club. I was second only to the club owner for the control I had over the other employees. Needless to say at a health club, all the employees were extremely fit, and many were quite good looking. There were lots of sexy guys in their early twenties there that were simply gorgeous. It was honestly like a buffet for the eyes every day .When I’d go into work and see these fit young guys. In their short shorts and tee shirts with their firm buns and their toned arms.

I Loved Having Control Over All These Young Guys

Perhaps it wasn’t the best thing to do. But how could I not take advantage of the control I had over these young men? I started to ask them to come by my office after work. And have a chat with them about this or that, but once I got them inside, I came on to them. And not one ever turned me down. They might not have turned me down over fear of losing their jobs. But more likely they liked my hot body and just wanted to fuck. I had control over so many young men. I could simply pick which one I wanted to play with. And choose him for my after hours visit.

I’ve never gotten fucked so much in my life as when I had that job. I told them all they were to be quiet and not mention a word to anyone else.  And I think most did keep quiet out of fear. I guess it’s a bit mean to control people under you that way. But hey, they were getting plenty of orgasms, too! I was having my pussy licked and teased by so many hot guys. It was sheer heaven. I didn’t have a boyfriend during the time I worked there, but who needed one with all the attention I was getting!

One Day I Was So Hornyyoung Dana

One day I was feeling particularly horny.  And it was all I could do to wait until after work to get one of them in my office. But during my lunch break would have been too much of a risk being caught. So I was just writhing around all day in my chair. Waiting for my chosen boytoy of the day to come by my office.

He came in and I told him to get on his knees and lick my pussy. That my unquenchable cunt was in dire need of his oral attentions. He grinned and locked the door and was soon on his knees with my legs draped over each of his shoulders, his face buried in my wet cunt. He flickered that young tongue all over me and I was soon screaming in ecstasy as I gripped at the arm rest with one hand and the back of his head with the other.

I came All Over His Dick

As I came all over his face and he soon pulled me up and bent me over the desk and was ramming that cock into me from behind. I had my elbows down on my desk, my feet shoulder width apart, and he thrust into me with that fucking rigid cock making me cum all over his dick and he shot his seed into me until it was dripping down my thighs. There were  countless evenings like that with the young men that worked there. I hope they recall me as fondly as I recall them. I do miss that job.
Sexy lil Dana
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