My goodness, no need to look so nervous baby! We are having fun tonight and you are going to be my sweet little bitch. As a young domination Goddess, it is my goal to bring you and myself tons of pleasure. I am versatile and able to switch as you see in Bratty Little Switch, but I do love being dominant over losers. When you came to me sharing your sad little life, I knew right then I am going to use my great skills to help you.

Deep down you are fully aware of why you need to be dominated. Something that happened in your past, perhaps your mother was a strong dominant lady. Your loving every minute of her control in your life, now you are searching for that dominance. Only now, you are turned on by young women so your dominant Goddess is me.

Craving a young domination Goddess to rule over and punish you is your current situation.

Furthermore, coming to me was a smart move. Therefore, my goal is to give you the experience you need in a young domination Goddess. Sharing your past is giving me insight into what you truly desire and need, making our time together even more special. Using my time as a teen phone sex operator helps me to understand you. From understanding comes knowledge and from knowledge comes my amazing skills!

So start telling me all your deepest darkest secrets that you have kept hidden for so long. Burying them down deep is beneficial around others but not me. For our relationship to be a success we are going to work together pulling out all those memories to use during our young domination Goddess sessions.

Was your mother’s dominance overbearing or all about teaching?

Marrying your wife was a strategic move, right? She is a bossy bitch with no tolerance for losers. She is always riding your ass day in and day out. You want her to meet the needs of a domination Goddess but she isn’t. Why, because she isn’t your mother, kind and caring while riding your ass. She is bitter and angry she is married to you, a loser.

Your mother saw your faults as things she was going to help you with. Her love allowing her to see past the fact that you were a pathetic boy. Believing she is changing you to be better. Your mother riding you making you a better person. Then, in desperation, marrying your wicked wife. Furthermore, seeing her dominance as a replacement for Mom.

Many men come to me for their needs!

I appreciate your move with the wife. It is a good idea to go with. How could you know she would be that big of a bitch as time went on? It is an unexpected outcome. She doesn’t have the patience for your pathetic self. That is why she is so angry and mean. What a shame it fell in this way. Luckily you have me.

As your young domination Goddess, I am using those memories to help you go back in time. Reliving an overbearing treatment you enjoy. I know you prefer me in a sexy outfit. Your mom was a beautiful lady and you fantasize about her sometimes. It is normal. Now you have a sexy young teen taking over for her. Once you learn who you really are things will be much easier. You know you are Mine Now!

Starting with you in fewer clothes is our first step.

This is a step toward making you feel small again. Going back to that little boy, pissing off his mother with his loser activity. Now I am here and you are getting punished for being pathetic. You can’t get out if by pissing me off. I am not your wife and I have lots of patience. I am not walking away angry baby.

Bend over for your spanking. You aren’t moving fast enough and it is time for your punishment. Bam, I love that sound of my whip hitting your ass cheeks! Makes my pussy tingle with excitement for what is coming. Oh shit, your dick is getting hard isn’t it. Nice, we are on the right path here!


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