Do you think you can handle this Bratty Little Switch? Rather it’s you needing to feel that control. My Submission has to be earned. Oh, you thought, Submission was just taken? How cute! My Dear, No it has to be earned! Show me when I’m under your control you know how to use it. If not, Then hold on for a bumpy right cause this Bratty Little Switch will Top you from the bottom. You will be my BITCH BOY in a hot minute. One minute you will think your the one in control and the next I will have you taking my BIG STRAP ON. It can turn Quick! Don’t worry baby, either way, it will be an exciting ride for you!

Let My Service shine through

My Submissive side will be that wide-eyed girl looking for her Master to sever. The one who can guide her. Please, Daddy, Show me what I’m capable of. Help me grow and learn my talents. I know you want to learn every inch of my body, mind, and soul. Cause every good DOM knows to control my mind will earn my body and soul. Then I will be his Puppet on a string. Waiting to hear his the Words GOOD GIRL. Serving my master ever whim.  Of Course, every good girl knows how Master likes it! Let me be that special Bratty Little Switch who will please you like no other can! I will be that Submissive Girlfriend you always desired.

Think you like my Submissive Side? Wait till this Bratty Little Switch Turns the table!

Don’t worry I can turn the table you will be on your knees licking the ground I walk on in no time! Cause this Bratty Little Switch can take you to wild to mild in NO TIME! Sucking my Strap on enjoying the flavor of my last conquest ass. However, You know what BITCH BOYS deserve. Nothing better than my leftovers! If you’re lucky!

You maybe are just hiding in the corner with your EXTRA SMALL cock cage in pain. When that tiny little dick gets hard pain shoots through it. Goddess picked out a cock cage three times to small. Only the best for me SLUT! Don’t’ worry you will be used to Fluffing Cocks and Sucking off my cum from my Big Black Lovers cocks. Someone has to clean them up. This Bratty Little Switch knows exactly how to control you! That Ass will be well used an stretched to my liking.

When you hang up that phone

Do you think it’s over? Not by a Long shot! Rather it’s this Bratty Little Switch submission or Domination. I will need your attention. I Don’t take this lightly. One word from in an email will have this Good Girls devotion. My daily chores that only Master will benefit from. The training I will need is an ongoing adventure. Then Let’s make that connection strong. However, if I’m your Goddess, then Daily assignments will be to be archived. Don’t make me punish my slave! I don’t want to see you grovel.

Well, Maybe I do! 

The panic you will have awaiting your punishment will be my pleasure in the end. So go ahead and don’t do what I ask. Then I promise your actions will get you NO PLEASURE! However, be a good BITCH BOY and I will make sure your handsomely rewarded. It will be the ONLY time you will be allowed to touch me!

Don’t Worry, As much as I love Domination My Desire to Please your needs are there!

Rather its Pleasure or Pain I can handle exactly what you need. I have YEARS of experience behind my mind. This Bratty Little Switch will take you to the dark side. Let me guide your mind where its never been before. From the highs to the lows I will be there every little step you take. Then You will learn how to grow your desires as a submissive and learn to grow your demands as a Dominate. If you ever wanted to dabble in either of these fields I’m the right hot phone sex girl. I know the ends and out of the BDSM lifestyle and ready to show you! So get your Hard Limits List done and Rock hard cock ready! Let’s have some fun!