So what is it I’m looking for? I’m looking for that Special Guy Who will Live in this Vanilla World being Kinky As Fuck with Me! What do you need to do to apply? Well first, Be a strong independent man that any Submissive Girlfriend would want.. One who knows what he wants and Knows how to take it! You also must be Kind & compassionate. I need a mixture of both for a Hot Kinky Boyfriend. I need a guy who can cuddle up on the sofa but, also can rock out a club! Be the goofy guy at the grocery store & still pay the bills. One who will give me the attention & lifestyle I need.

In return, you will get this wild & crazy Sex Submissive fuck slut to attend to your every need. Wake up with your cock in my mouth as your alarm clock. Only to have your clothes already for you to slip on. Breakfast on the table & your lunch packed. As you leave for work you would get your kiss goodbye at the door.

Returning from work I’ll be waiting by the front door. Giving you your welcome home Kiss & your favorite drink in hand! Sit you down & remove your shoes. Once your beer is gone, We will go into the bathroom where I will remove your clothes, Get undress myself & climb in the shower. Where I will wash your day away. Every inch of your body I will scrub licked and pleasured. Like any Hot Kinky Boyfriend desires, Where you will join back into our world. Where it’s you & I.  After, our shower Supper will be waiting. Where we will both eat. Then you can decide rather it will be a Nice night on the sofa watching Netflix or will it be a night of Wild Kinky sex. As your Submissive Girlfriend, I will be ready for anything you want.

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A Wild Night?

Well, that can be whatever your wild Kinky mind desires. I’ll be whatever my Hot Kinky Boyfriend needs. From Inviting the neighbor over to pound my pussy like the slut I am. How about we invite my friends over & we see exactly how much your cock can take? Let’s go to the local swingers club & see what trouble we can find. Do we need to get that tight little ass of yours fucked? Maybe my BBC Stud will come over & fuck us both! Leaving that Black seed in us together. However, Not your thing? Then Slide into my pink pair of panties laying on the bathroom floor after we get out of the shower. Those ones that I’ve been toying my cunt all day with that big Toy you bought me.

Let’s turn the night around & you can tie me up & pour Hot wax down my body as your fucking my pussy. Although Pegging your sweet ass sounds fun too. We can take this in many directions from the Barnyard to the dungeon. It’s all up to you! However, the best of it is that I’ll be the one who is laying in your arms when we fall asleep. I’ll be the one who you talk about your every desire too. I’ll never judge you. From our bills to our dirty minds. I’m your girl!

So let’s get this started the nights are growing colder & longer. I need a man who can step up & take care of my needs. I want to be your everything. I’m only a phone call away at the hot phone sex chat line. Where we can be each other’s world. Night or Day. Be the special guy I need to guide me through this lifestyle as a Submissive Girlfriend. I need your love, Attention & most of all our whispers in my ear. Think you can be the man I need? Then give me a call & we will see where things may lead.


XOXO Brittany XOXO


Sunday Through Thursday

 11 PM till 7 AM