Your Sex submissive will start to earn her collars

The agreement has been made and your Sex Submissive has been serving you perfectly. This is the time to be considering a collar. A collar is every Submissive desire. There are different collars. There’s a training collar, a day collar, and a Play collar. These are collars which she is very proud of. Every submissive wants to be owned.  Dominate can remove them. However, Submissives are not allowed to. This can be grounds for her Dominate to no longer consider her for training. Dominate and Submissive look at collar’s as basically in the same light as Engagement rings and wedding rings.

Earning your Training Collar

Training collars for their next stage. Her dominate decides to move forward during the time period of seeing if their agreement can work for them both. It is a sign of good faith that she is in a “Dating” stage with her Dominate. No other Respectable Dominate will approach her during this time period. As she is working on establishing a new relationship.  This Collar usually will be a thick leather with round metal loops. A Dominate will want to use this in her training. So it needs to be strong and sturdy. She will continue to wear this collar till her Dominate decides he wants to own her. Fully trained the submissive moves into a permanent stage. She will receive her Day collar


She has earned her Day Collar

Once you decide to make things more permanent your Dominate will give you a Day Collar. This means you are owned and Taken. This collar is the “Wedding Ring” collar.  This collar is what every Submissive dreams of. Submissives are very proud to be owned and being collared. She has earned her Dominates approval to be called his. This means he owns her completely. He decides her actions and her will. Therefore, putting more demand on himself. It really is a beautiful power exchange. That takes both parties to achieve. When it is done properly it’s very magical. It’s a deep connection that’s very hard to reach in a normal relationship.

Many fail to reach this level.

Many don’t know exactly what it means to achieve this deeper relationship. I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on collaring. Even the Dominate and Submissive world. Read my other Submissive guides Call me for the best Adult Chat there is!


XOXO Brittany XOXO