My Tío and I fucked a couple of times after that, but it was always hard to find time to fuck and the fear of getting caught was a rush, but also limited our opportunities. But I was a young girl and I wanted my uncle’s cock. Even if we couldn’t find time to do it, I would still tease him the best I could. My favorite thing to do was to put my tiny panties in his brief case so he could smell my young pussy at work and think about me. When we were able to sneak away for 15-20 minutes, he would punish me for the way I teased him. This only made me want to tempt him with my young body even more.

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He was such a cool uncle and my friends always told me he was really cute when they saw him pick me up. He would sometimes even buy us beer to party with. The girls all joked to me sometimes about wanting to fuck him, but I never told them I had the privilege to both fuck and tease him. I looked up to him a lot, and not just because he fucked me so well.

One day, after picking me up from school, my Tío told me that he had a lot of important work to do that day, so I was not to bother him in his office. This of course meant I was going to tease the shit out of him. I snuck upstairs and peaked through his office door. He was typing away at his computer. I saw one of my panties was on his desk from earlier that week. They had been a particularly smelly pair. I took off my shirt and unbuttoned my bra. I didn’t remove it; instead I held it to cover my chest. I opened the door and asked my Tío if he could help me clip it together. His eyes lit up at my body and he turned away, quickly saying he had to focus on work.

I tip toed towards him—he clearly wasn’t going to be doing any work. I stood behind him and kissed his neck, asking him to help with my clothing. He tried to brush it off, but my teasing was working. He couldn’t resist young pussy much longer. I spun his chair around so he was facing me and let my bra fall to ground. He stared at my nipples and I straddled him—it felt good to sit on him. I grabbed the panties on the desk and stuff it in his face, he inhaled deeply and I felt his penis harden immediately. I then shoved the panties into the mouth so he could taste my underwear. You could see he was savoring the flavor.

I pressed his face into my chest and he rocked his head left to right, tongue grazing my breasts. It tickled so much and I loved how he touched me. It was so much better than the younger boys: I prefer an older man to tease. Eventually he picked me up and put my on his keyboard. My panties were still in his mouth. He pulled down my jeans and started to eat me out. His tongue was so warm and soft on my young pussy, I was moaning so loudly at his touch. We fucked soon after. It was always hard to decide if he would cum in my pussy, or in my mouth. He decided to finish inside of me, and it felt so good to feel that pulsating cock deliver a wonderful blow after being teased so much. I don’t think he ever finished his project on time.

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