A young babysitter caught being bad.

A young babysitter caught doing naughty little things on the job. It sounds like a cliche for every babysitter porn video ever, right? The thing is, it’s a cliche because it happens so often! And of course, because people fantasize about it so often that they wonder what they would do in real life. I got to find out the naughty truth to the story. When I was fifteen years old, I was in need of a little spending money for all my silly little habits. I had no real need for it, but it’s good to pick up a job and get working, right?

So, after sophomore year, I started picking up babysitter jobs to get some extra money in during the summer. It was no big deal, a few other girls I knew did it to get some nice cash in, and it was never a dull day. Sometimes the kids were just slightly younger than me and all we did was play video games. Sometimes it would be downright chaotic! But it was innocent fun. However, when I first took the job, I didn’t realize how naughty fun it could be.

It started off with a rather boring day.

I was spending it more or less ‘house-sitting’ than actual babysitting because the kid was off at school. He got detention and was staying there later than usual. So I was on the phone with my boyfriend at the time, just talking away about anything that came to mind. We’d probably touched on every topic by that point, it’d been too long of a day. But after talking to me for a little while, I got a little flirty. I was teasing and tormenting him with naughty fantasies about what he’d do if he could come over.

So he decided to fire back and see if he could get me to do something naughty. With nothing better to do, I gave in. I was all-too-curious when he dared me to go try to find the wife’s toys. I mean, she had to have something, right? Her husband was always at work and she was always working too. When she was home alone, she had to have something to keep her company! It didn’t take long to find some of her toys, just a small little clit vibrator, and a vibrating, beaded-style dildo. I thought the adventure was just to find them. He was just living out a fantasy in his head of what would happen if I ended up a young babysitter caught in the act.

But he had a naughtier idea.

“Now, play with them. I bet you won’t.” Asshole! He was daring me to use someone else’s toys and risk getting in some major trouble. He knew I always had an issue with backing down from a dare. I huffed under my breath, looking them over for a little while until I just couldn’t resist the chance of an orgasm and proving him wrong. It was a two-for-one win and I’d never let him forget about it. So, I kept him on the phone, letting him listen in as I played a little, letting the smaller vibe slide right down into my panties and press up against my clit. I instantly let out a soft moan, leaning against the wall with it buzzing away. And that’s when the door opened – FUCK!

I gasped and ended the phone call as quickly as I could. Then, I looked up at the door just in time to see it open almost nonchalantly. The man of the house stood right there and looked at me quietly. He usually didn’t get home until several hours after rush hour, after everything was taken care of.  Hell, he probably just meant to stop home for lunch and take a nap in his bedroom. He probably expected me to be at the school or off in another part of the house, but there I was. I laid there red-handed with a small buzzing sound coming from my panties and the dildo on the bed.

All my thoughts were rushing.

What could I do? He didn’t say a word as he walked towards me, and I could see every dirty fantasy in his eyes. I couldn’t blame him. He just came home to his tight young babysitter playing with herself, in his bed. All the times that I had fantasized about ageplay phone sex and playing with an older man couldn’t prepare me for this. After all, I was in trouble and he knew he could do whatever he wanted. His young babysitter caught in the act, laying in bed with her hands down her panties, helplessly wet for him to come play along.. Can you imagine all the naughty things we did that day?

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