I was the tight young babysitter of his dreams.

A tight young babysitter seems to be the fantasy that every married man falls for, at one point or another. Surprisingly enough, I walked right into it without realizing what I was doing. I was just seventeen when this little adventure happened. It was my senior year of high school, I was taking on a few different jobs to get as much money as I could. It was also one of my “fuck everything” years – I did whatever I wanted, with whoever I wanted, and nothing could stop me.

My world was super busy at the moment because I was taking everything on, from being a young cheer slut to picking up babysitting and a few other side jobs. I set my morals on a very shaky ground because of that year. I was taking some babysitting gigs as part of it all, and one of my favorite clients was a stone-faced businessman named Joseph. His wife was never home, out on vacations and doing her own business, and he was on the same boat, so I looked after their young daughter.

The actual babysitting job was easy. The husband, even easier.

Let’s face it, I was in that home all the time. After a couple of evenings there, I got to see everything. Including when Joseph would come rushing from one appointment to another and made his way through the house with his shirt undone and belt barely hanging on. It was more than I could handle. So slowly, I started dropping hints – actually,  bombs. Since it was lunchtime, I was making him something to eat before he drove across town. At the first comment he made about the pasta tasting delicious, I took my chance to say “it’s not the only thing.”

He loved my dirty jokes though I assumed they went over his head. I loved seeing the spark in his eye, and the smirk creeping up, was enough to know that it worked. It was the first time I knew for sure that he wanted to cheat and fuck the babysitter. Lucky for him, I’d probably been the one to plant that dirty thought there in the first place.

The flirting continued for a few days.

After all the time flirting, we both were pent up and couldn’t wait any longer. He was falling in love with the tight young babysitter of his fantasies. With his wife away and the kid at school, he came back early one day knowing I had a few hours of nothing better to do. And he stormed in, knowing I was waiting for the day he’d finally give in. I sat there with my legs outstretched on the couch and a flimsy little tank top on when he walked in. He picked me up, pushing me down against the couch. I let my hands softly wander down into his boxers. I pressed against that cock, knowing that it was dying to give in. My pussy was soaking at the idea of finally getting the chance.

Clothes off, his body on mine, and several hours to kill. It was one wild afternoon and I couldn’t get enough of that hot, throbbing cock inside my warm, soaking pussy. He loved stretching out my tight young babysitter pussy. After all, he was paying to keep me there all night. Some nights when his wife wasn’t home, we’d even have a little phone sex to curb his lust. I only wish I’d stayed in town just a little longer. There’s plenty more to tell about the one who finally got to fuck the babysitter. After all, ageplay phone sex and all the adventures that came from it have always been my favorite.

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