Are you trying to hide those young age play stories?

That’s okay, Daddy. I won’t tell Mommy about your little discretionaries. I was wondering when I would catch you. All of my friends have already started playing with their Daddy’s cocks. I was a little worried that you weren’t reading those young age play stories we had been writing and emailing you. Oh! Don’t be so surprised, Daddy.

Of course, all those naughty young age play stories were written by your little girl. I must get my dirty mind from you. And now you have your cock out, stroking yourself to my stories.

Aren’t they brilliant? I’ve been keeping track of how the young age play stories have been changing you. You started looking at me after the first email.

First with careful glances, but then you started to take longer glances. Especially when I started wearing shorter and shorter nightgowns. You must have thought your mind was just getting even naughtier, but I planned it all.

Why? Daddy…you know how close I am with all my friends!

We decided it would be so fun if we became Mommys together at the same time. We were too young to have boyfriends, but we all had Daddys!

What would be more fun than sleeping with our Daddys, and then getting to raise our kids together! Don’t look so concerned about your morals.

You know they are long gone since you started reading. I remember checking on you after I sent the email about getting me pregnant. It turned me on a lot already to know the idea was sprouting inside your head. You wanted to knock up Daddy’s special little girl.

I don’t think I ever saw your cock get as hard as it did that night. You love the idea of knocking your little daughter up with your child. It will be so much fun, Daddy.

Just think of all the fucking we will have to do to get me knocked up. Why don’t we start right now? I know you have been thinking about lifting up my Hello Kitty nightgown and giving me your hard cock.

Just like in all those young age play stories.

I love knowing your cock is rock hard for me. Take it out of your boxers Daddy, as I slip up my nightgown.

You know I stopped wearing panties awhile ago, just hoping you would come into my bedroom and take me. Just like you are now.

Bring your hard Daddy cock to my lips, so I can taste you and tease you with my tongue. I have wanted to do this for so many months now. All my friends were talking about blowjobs, and you made me wait.

Mmm. Your cock does taste so good Daddy.

I bet it tastes better than all my other friend’s Daddy’s cocks. I can feel my little cunty getting soaking wet for you with your cock in my mouth. It feels so good!

I need to feel you pop my cherry for the first time. Then, I get on your lap and start to slowly work your cock inside my virgin pussy. I can’t help but wince a little at the pain.

But at least my friends warned me about the pain and the blood the first time, so it wasn’t a surprise. The more you pushed in me, the wetter my pussy got for you.

It was slowly opening up to the size of your cock. It hurt but it felt so good to know that soon you would be filling me up with your yummy cum. And not just once of course, again and again.

I plan to drain your balls until I’m pregnant, then give you a day’s rest if you needed it. Pregnancy hormones are just supposed to make you even hornier.

Wouldn’t you love that, Daddy? You will have your own personal plaything.

I know Mommy isn’t giving you what you need. That’s why you have me now. I want you to cum in me Daddy, and give me all your cum.

Fuck me in the ways you can’t fuck Mommy. I know she would always bitch about sex, but that’s what I’m here for now. Well, that’s what my friends and I are here for now!

Let’s have that ageplay phone sex you have been dreaming about!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke