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You have been waiting so long for this night. The timing was perfect. Your bitch wife is gone for the whole week. She is on some business trip out of town. You finally got her to leave. She even canceled the last trip because she was nervous to leave you alone with her daughter, but you finally convinced her it was okay to leave. It was such a thrill to know that Daddy’s special little girl was just a room away.

Of course, you had been grooming her for this experience.

She would always sit on your lap and loved the personal attention you would give to her. She looks forward to the whispers that you fill her head with. You claim she is the most beautiful girl you have ever seen. You whisper it to her while you are staring at her old mother. And now you got rid of the only thing in the way of you pursuing Daddy’s special little girl.

When you come into her room around midnight, she is already asleep. Her bedtime is normally around nine at night. You had plans to keep her awake longer, but she is so used to having an early bedtime, you attempts were useless.

You shrug to yourself. It doesn’t even matter now.

You push her bedroom door open and you see her laying in bed. She looks so pretty. Her skin is skin kissed from her days spent outside and at the pool with all her friends.

She loved spending the days with her friends, but Daddy’s special little girl always made time to flirt with Daddy. Her hair was a soft blonde color, and the moon from the open bedroom hit it just right. She looked like a dream.

A dream that you want to devour, and you definitely will. Then, you realize that you have just been staring at her for a lot longer then you meant too. You slowly approach her, careful not to wake her up yet.

You just bought her a new bed that was large enough to accommodate her growing body, and you are glad you did. Since now you are able to sit beside her quietly without waking her up at all. You slowly move your hand and put it on her shoulder. It’s at this point you realize that Daddy’s special little girl is fully naked. You could feel your erection start to rise.

You had cum to the thought of your naked daughter in front of you so many times, and now it’s real.

Daddy’s little princess is so sweet and beautiful.

Then, you pull down the covers to see her fully exposed body. Her growing body is so beautiful, and she’s at the perfect age for Daddy.

She starts to toss and turn, and you realize she is waking. She mumbles for Daddy, and you tell her everything is okay. You just wanted to spend some more time with Daddy’s special little girl.

Then, you notice her sly teasing smile start to emerge, and then first she opens up her legs a bit. You use that as an invitation to move your hand down to her smooth stomach. It feels so the tone and tiny, which is so different from what you are used to with your wife.

She moans and it sounds so sweet. You want her to moan loudly, so you move your hand down to her thighs. You act like you are massaging her thighs, but you know what you want.

As her moans get louder, you start to move up to her sweet little pussy with no panties to get in the way.

Her pussy is so slippery, and it’s so easy to find her trigger and just massage it.

You keep massaging as her moans get louder and louder. And you want to push her over the edge. You try to enter her sweet pussy, but she is so tight so you decide to save that for another night. You use your hands to play with her like you would a piano.

Her moans are so loud, you are grateful no one else is home to hear them. Then, suddenly she starts to shake and quiver under you while she moans for Daddy. It feels so good to make your little girl cum. You can’t wait to do more!

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